ARA San Juan Farms: it can still see 67 thousand pictures and start to express their relatives – 10/10/2018


In a few days it is a month since the Seabed Constructor ship, from the Ocean Infinity company, San Juan San Juan's aerial airport and recorded 67 miles of images in the depths of the Atlantic. These are the pictures that will be used to reconstruct the state of the vessel, apparently in the 3D model, as stated.

Last Wednesday, the judge overseen the research, Marta Yáñez, possessed these images, which came on a plane from South Africa, after the ship was tied in the port of Cape Town. Now the pictures in their offices are at Caleta Olivia's federal court. However, they are still not seen: they are still in three hard shapes in which they are 20 data terabytes.

Yañez explained Clarin they first need to solve technical queries to open the files. It is very heavy information. "The attorney's opinion is to change their court and submit a person for the images that I receive, for a security case," said the lawyer.

At the same time there are two aspects that play: the one's and the weight of the images, so you need to keep software that is capable of maintaining that information in interpreting; The other is the warrant that the pictures are not seen but by Judge Yañez, so that the content does not fall. That's It was a special request; from relatives.

In addition to a year after the fall of the San Juan ARA, more than 80 people, mostly connected to the Navy, have already confirmed in the # 39; case. But an upcoming approach is the family certification of the 44 members of the crew who died in the disaster. Yáñez will start directly this Tuesday to take a certificate statement. This is the turnover of the first four families.

These credentials may arise on elements that will help them The reasons for sinking on his / her boat. So far, there are indications of what may happen: a fracture that fails in the snorkel of the vessel and the water; caused by a battery fire. The beginning of the end of that disaster.

One of the questions that will be answered in the coming months is that program remote event There was no history, that is, if events of this type were previously recorded. In this way, the voice of a friend may be an element that will help reconstruct this history.

"So far, I would like to respect the pain", Told Yáñez to a & # 39; newspaper a few hours after the tumbler search, 907 meters deep and 500 kilometers from the Comodoro Rivadavia. He described the relatives' pain, which is now, with his & her; Certainly the residues of their relatives live there, and begin to add to what they know so Justice can act.

On November 27th, the press messenger from Caleta Olivia ran with relatives in Mar del Plata. There, many said they could see more than three pictures that had spread to date. And ask them to change the ARA San Juan. So far, Yáñez did not get out of that capacity, but the government does not. watch it and hopes that 3D reconstruction can be a good source of answers.

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