Arab countries have 30% of the world's gas zones


Mohamed Abdullah Zain, Secretary General of the Arab Fertilizer, said that Arab countries have 30% of the natural gas resources, which allow Union members to meet the growing demand. global market time.

In a statement on the lines relating to the second Arab Regional Conference on Efficiency of Gas, Oil and Associated Manufacturing Industries which organized the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exports (OAPEC) in Kuwait, Zine said that the division of Arab countries represents 28%. 71% of the world trade market.

The world has a very large portfolio across the country with Arab countries, particularly in the Gulf countries, accounting for 17% and 30% of the world trade market, including 4 countries. % of output and operation of the world's potash trade.

He also said that Arab countries would attack by 2020 to make 22 million tonnes of ammonia to represent 11% of production and exports, 25% across the world, to represent 14 t %, the world's 41% export, 2.1 million tonnes of nitit amonia to record a 10% result worldwide, 65 The production company has a total capacity of 37% and carries world-wide 70% of the acid content represents 17% of the output and 81% of global exports.

He said sales of fertilizer for the census were 79% of total sales and an estimated 189 million tonnes of fertilizer. The global demand for fertilizer was increasing during 20172018 at a total of 2.4% over 2016017, accounting for around 2 a million tons of nutrients, including ammonia, Phosphoric acid, and potash.

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