Arab Home and the World Saudi Writer: "BBC" attacking countries that refuse Muslim Brotherhood in my country


Saudi's newspaper, director of Mishal Abba al-Wadah al-Harbi, said that British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has caused professional and independence contributors from all over the world. And support the "Brotherhood", don't think about the professionalism that has told them in the past.

Al-Harbi said in an article published in the Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Siyassa" on Friday, under the title "BBC, mulse language and the Brotherhood" that there is far use from the media, Where it is in all his nations programs are resistance to opposition and the rebellion of Muslim Brotherhood, suggesting that he had supported the spies in Bahrain since 2011, and t and then “activists”, who were originally from the West and Iran Revolutionary Guards, and who wanted to destroy Bahrain. And the support of Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and the people.

He said the BBC, which supported Brotherhood Muslim after the reign of the president President Hosni Mubarak, had fallen behind after Egypt had been forced out. T Against 30 June 2013, he continues to support Muslim Brotherhood to this day and retain them on the radio and screen to attack Egypt. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Al-Harbi said that the BBC is currently taking a rebellious campaign in Turkey against Egypt, which has taken over all the red lines and published videos made by the Brotherhood in Turkey. the state of Egypt. , Having been warned by the Egyptian Information Authority and the Egyptian government. "

He asked the British government to change the policy of the channel that works against the nations and to try to spread rumors and lies. And sedition.

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