Arab League Conference at the Book Fair on «Arab Network for Information Network»



Tuesday, 29 January 2019 – 5:08 PM
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Tuesday, 29 January 2019 – 5:08 PM

At the Cairo International Book Fair, the Commonwealth League General of the United States delivered a conference on ways to establish a Arab Arab Network port as an information network that helps researchers and decision makers in Arab countries Accessing official sources of information directly in Arab conventional areas.

The partners emphasized the importance of this port to protect official Arab content in line with the challenges facing us in the electronic environment.

The conference focused on two main areas: 1. Method of an educational awareness of the official information sources in Arab cooperative areas by; Analyze the Arab Network network hosting for researchers and decision makers in Arab countries and those interested in foreign affairs abroad; And their differences through statistical analysis of portal content and information recovery processes with the public.

The Minister, Hala Jad, Director of Information, Writing and Translation Department at the University of Arab, Dr. Mohamed Al Barqawi, water expert at the Arab Center for Arid and Drylands Area Studies (ICAD), Dr. Ibrahim Al-Dewey, Head of Red Cross and Information Center and Red Choir, Information Center at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Marine Transport, Dr. Mohamed El-Tanahi, Head of Studies and Research at the Institute of Arab Research and Research, Minister of Prime Minister Karim Darwaza, Mr Mohamed Abdel Hadi, To document and translate the Arab League

It is clear that the Arab League of hospitality is honored for the 50th session of the Cairo International Golden Book (Golden Jubilee), which began on the thirtieth of January and continues to fifth part of February.

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