Aramco launched the establishment of the Training and Employment Training Academy


On the initiative of the Saudi Aramco Drilling Department in 2015, the campaign was set up to establish Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy (SADA), by Mr Daoud Al Daoud, Former President of Saudi Aramco for Oil Works in the Department. Northern Constabulary. The Academy is marked by the control of unobtrusive regulation of the world. The Academy has attracted 34 companies to accept and support this initiative.

15 members of the Sada Board of Directors represent Saudi Aramco, the Training and Technical Training Foundation and a number of companies.

The Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy (SADA) addresses challenges in the growth of business and energy services that aim to be a training center. Attend drill and area work in the area. This pilot campaign was considered in June 2014, but the beginning of the work was carried out on the # 39; month in March 2015 when control of sources and the maintenance of wells were in place to improve the overall vision of the Academy.

In doing a feasibility study for her & # 39; a project that covers all parts of the United Kingdom, the survey concluded that 90,000 citizens should be trained over the last forty years. to meet the requirements of the United Kingdom drill industry development plans required. So, it is decided to establish the Saudi drilling academy to train more than four thousand young people each year in different programs. Increasingly increasing the level of Saudization in the & # 39; drill industry in all vocational posts.

The Academy's Board of Trustees consists of 15 members, including three members of Saudi Aramco, one member of the Technical and Occupational Training Corporate and eleven members elected for a selection of drill and maintenance companies representing co-founders the Academy.

The project is funded by its own drill industry through the partnership of the companies that are experiencing a " participate in establishing and enhancing the Academy's work. Saudi Aramco also played an important part in the & Supporting the Academy as a national project. In some cases, Saudi Aramco has agreed with the partners of the launch of the Saudi Drilling Academy in two phases, allowing them to start the training work in September 2016, and work on the permanent permanent building of the Academy, serving thousands of trainees annually. During this time, the Academy will be trained and trained. Graduate hundreds of short-term trainers at the General Training Training Center for Abdaiq's Technical and Work Training.

The Academy is working to achieve a number of goals that are in line with the Saudi Aramco strategy and the drill companies that participate in this training initiative that is currently in place. Attend future development programs in the various areas of drilling and inspection, including:

Expansion and job creation: Achieving Saudi level of 85% by 2035.

Community Awareness: Develop a substantive fundamental social responsibility in the community in which you work.

Meet the request: Put the gap in the quality of training centers.

Competitiveness: To contribute to increased competitiveness through the provision of co-ordinating services.

Dimension: Improve efficiency and safety in sites and drill facilities to consolidate basic work skills standards.

The Academy was established in the Buqaiq town on 25 Dhu al-Hijjah 1437H, which responded to 26 September 2016 with the support and funding of private drill companies. 34 UK local and international drill companies undertake Academy students, with supportive and supportive support from Saudi Aramco and from the Teaching and Technical Training Trust of the young people in the United Kingdom until qualified with the necessary skills to meet the need for drilling and research, and it is expected that there will be more than thirty two by 2030.

The training program for the Academy covers 21 months, from preparation and preparation, and continues with a 14-week course course, 50-week academic package, & # 39; covering different levels of English, mathematics, health and professional safety, drilling and good work for four weeks, Explained for 14 weeks.

The two departments have created a team of specialist experts from Saudi Aramco and the Academy's co-founders, and the drill companies have taken a proactive role in supporting the project from its early stages . By providing equipment and equipment provision; required for training or wanting experts to work with a project development team or by an effective presence from the members of these companies' departments in the various departments and facilities of the Academy.

The academy's view is based on three posts: Using the largest number of Saudi youths in the drilling and inspection section, and # 39; Implementation of companies' role in social responsibility, cost reduction and & contribute to competitiveness.

The training involving secondary school graduates and technical staff training works to develop their skills and support in professional progress. Academic training lasts almost a year, in which the student is able to; gaining skills in mathematics, English and academic subjects in the classroom, as well as other training, including training workshops on inspectors and towers.

The training program, which lasts 18 months of academic and practical training, will qualify for graduates as drill technology. This is the first of its kind in the world because it is the result of a partnership between a number of companies that work in the United Kingdom, including Saudi Aramco.

To develop fieldwork, a drill platform was built in the middle of the academy, designed as a lifelong learning tool, so that Sada students can learn how to handle them professionally before going to work areas. At the stage, the pressure training officers put on the drill challenge, which requires Saudi Aramco for decades to come, as it is at the heart of its activities as a national oil company.

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