Aramco wants to increase its market share in Asia, even with cuts, says CEO – News


Le Rania El Gamal

DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) – Saudi Aramco will expand its market share in Asia despite potential limitations to OPEC's output next year and focus on business in China and Africa because it aims to become a global leader in chemicals, the world's largest oil company chief said Monday.

Amin Nasser, a major oil chief executive, told Reuters that his company was accepted with any OPEC agreement to make a charge by 2019, less than two weeks before the meeting with a & # 39 ; decision policy has been determined.

But he said he still sees growth opportunities in Asia – a & # 39; talks about China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia – and we will continue to develop initiatives to get new markets for Aramco oil.

"We will always try to expand our market share, but at the same time it is the responsibility of the company to comply with any OPEC agreement," said Nasser in an interview in Saudi Arabia.

"Asia is a very important marketplace for us. We are currently evaluating two joint ventures for China sneakers … We will continue to expand our participation in markets between differentiated. "

"We analyze India, we analyze Malaysia, Indonesia and analyze China. These markets are all important to us, even if we are going to analyze China, we analyze Malaysia, Indonesia and analyze China. in Africa, "he said.

(Le Rania El Gamal)

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