Ardusso is at the forefront of the Torino ready


The Santafesino won no problems in the third row at the San Nicols menu, a competition competition, the fastest in the morning, and won the place that should be for a & # 39; competition. Spataro and Lambiris took it. Canapino le Urcera played in the first out and the desert.

Facundo Ardusso most from the beginning to the end of the third row of the TC in the San Nicols visit, named on the 15th anniversary of the year, and It could take part faster with her; Turin Renault Team, so to start at the beginning of the finish, with Matas Rossi after this (if the channel is not set off), what's the hand to the competition.

With the green light, Ardusso put himself in front of the pelotn without difficulties, with a partner Emiliano Spataro (Turin) behind it, but the problem happened for third place: Jos Manuel Urcera and Agustn Canapino They got hold of their Cevrolets and grew both on their. shoulder, so the sker lost the chance to hold the title. More in the second round, when I left the competition.

"Long and it's going to hit me in the car's tail, he'll get hold of me and, before I finish off his car, threw it me out " comment Urcera. "He made a move that could be hurt, it was very dangerous, I did not apply but he said my concerns for what he did," current security to champagne.

On the other hand, he recognizes Ardusso's influence: "A lot of work from the whole team, I had a car that gave me a lot of confidence and we were able to make a fast running line during the five laps, Emi did a great teamwork, I knew in the first way through one step, because I have seen it in the mirror that something had happened, but then I was able to accelerate through every bend ".

3 series

1 ARDUSSO, FACUNDO Turin 07: 18.807
2 SPATARO, EMILIANO Turin 07: 19.507 0.700
3 LAMBIRIS, MAURITIUS Ford 07: 23.607 4,800
4 UGALDE, LIONEL Ford 07: 30,250 11,443
5 TROSSET, NICOLS Dodge 07: 32,668 13,861
6 MANGONI, SANTIAGO Chevrolet 07: 36.232 17,425
7 VENTRICELLI, LUCIANO Ford 07: 40,490 21,683
8 RUGGIERO, ALAN Turin 07: 42,136 23,329
9 NOLESI, MATHAS Ford 03: 05.334 3 VTAS
10 AGUIRRE, VALENTN Dodge 01: 33,422 4 VTAS
11 CANAPINO, AGUSTN Chevrolet 00: 09.086 5 VTAS
12 MAZZACANE, GASTN Chevrolet 00: 26,175 5 VTAS
13 URCERA, JOS MANUEL Chevrolet 00: 55,623 5 VTAS

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