Are improvements affecting sperm quality?


A new research into research has found that specific developments can help to help them, Encouraging the counting and quality of human sperm.

Made by researchers at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) Human Health Unit and the Pere Health Research Institute in Virgili (IISPV), Spain, the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and the University of Utah, USA, the new publication Analyze the results of 28 nutritional experiences that included 2,900 participants to look at the effects of nutrition, feeding improvements, or food on sperm quality.

The findings, published in the Nutrition Experiences magazine, showed that some of the improvements could be helpful in helping, Increase the size and quality of sperm.

The results of omega 3 and coenzyme Q10 in slim or tablet shape were found to have a good sperm count, and added to the diet with selenium, zinc, salted acids, omega-3 and coenzyme-Q10 with Increase in sperm concentration, which is a portion of sperm in a human ejaculate.

By adding to the diet with selenium, sink, omega-3, coenzyme-Q10 and exposure to carnitines; The development of pulmonary pulmonary capacity, and selenium, salted acids, omega-3, coenzyme-Q10 and carnitine invitations were linked to a positive impact on the morphology of sperm, the size and shape of their sperm.

The new research is the broader and systematic scrutiny to do this to monitor the impact of different sperm quality improvements, although it is still uncertain whether help arrangements can help & # 39; encouraging their children naturally or through reproduction techniques with help, with the researchers saying that more checks are now needed to do more research.

The World Health Organization has now taken a class as a global health problem while recent surveys have reduced the quality of sperm to unhealthy lifestyle factors such as starving, drug-consuming, tobacco and alcohol, and unhealthy food.

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