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Kuomintang Chairman, Wu Dunyi, attempts to make a broad range of priorities. chairman in the party. After a recent interview, he said that the issues raised will be handled from April to June, and the applicants will be decided at the latest stage in July. In this regard, the Sun Sunqian ruling sent against Wu Dunyi, "If you have drawn this way, not only does" Xiang Gong "hear the cards, I'm afraid the family "Tian listening" can not be the card! He left even Wu Dunyi not playing a movie wall!

The recent chairman of New Zhu Lilun recently prayed for worship at the Holy Mountain Temple in Lingbi Mountain. He said that the Kuomintang is a challenging party. The Kuomintang needs more preparation time to be more able. Therefore, the DPP should recommend applicants in mid-April. Kuomintang should be as soon as possible; as possible. "The longest to be drawn, unhealthy it is for the challenging parties." But for Zhu Lilun's suggestion, Wu Dunyi said he was in the past. It will be processed between April and June, and the final decision will be made at the latest stage in July.

For the Wu Dunyi speech, Sun Daqian said that this was a "cause to harm others." It is even more bombed and pulled forward. Not only can he hear the cards, but I'm afraid that even the original "Tian listening" family will be able to play cards!

Sun Daqian said that this is the first time the Kuomintang has been in & # 39; primary school and party party management in a multi-player competition. In a & # 39; In this case, middle party authorities have closed their mouth and said, "According to the usual customs of completing nominations by the end of June," Convention? And the Kuomintang is now a challenging party and does not have the power to be in power. So, Kuomintang applicants need more time to achieve the national format and conversation with the people. As a result, Kuomintang had to launch applications two months after the DPP. Is this a "death ball"?

Sun Daqian also said that there is a party and party election due to a multi-competition competition. In the end, the winners need more time and the election team and the initiatives will be introduced. If election selection is selected; party to finish until June, will not be possible. There is still no way to complete the integration work within voting in the general election. How do you win the 2020 election?

Sun Daqian said, in the president's election course, after a KMT president's candidate, that there is likely to be external co-ordination with candidates without a party member or even white power. According to this uncomfortable concern without end, even the faults in the uncertain party, and how we can deal with it; case co-operation outside the party? Sun Daqian said, "If you want to take it first, you must first give it." Unfortunately, many people can not see this truth.

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