Are Outdoor Passenger More Outlander & # 39 ;? Claire finds an amazing discovery in North Carolina woodlands


News Mouth Season 4, Episode 3. While the last episode was Mouth focusing on the horrors of a slavery world-wide, "The False Bride" is a & # 39; remind observers of the fascinating elements of Claire's story. Claire gets a skull with money-filled and there seems to be more passengers MouthAfterward, Claire learned that she was not alone in her psychic abilities in Regiment 1 when she met Gillies Duncan. Gellis and Claire traveled to the time that disappeared through the portal of the old Rock Circle of the Rock. Geire's Gerald took a trip to find another trip in Season 3 and "The False Bride" again shows that there is still a lot of learning about time travel in the world MouthSouth Westerly

The third episode of Mouth Season 4 is a bit of a while; Jumping after him because Brianna and Roger are coming together in the 20th century and Claire and Jamie have gone to her; trying to find a new house in the 18th century. After what happened to Rufus, Claire and Jamie decide to leave the River Run plantation by Jocasta Aunt because they are not comfortable with slaves alone. While it's & # 39; Traveling, Claire is going alone to find the mull running at the sound of the thunder. But the storm storm also strikes the horse that she is on and she's thrown out of the animal. She has been lost in the wood, injured and damaged, so she can get a lost skull. Then, an American American Native spirit has appeared to her and she is Making a link that the skull is a n; related to this ghost.


Claire and Jamie get each other the next morning, and Thanks to the machine that uses its boots to take them to the stream. Her medical training will start as she starts; scroll scrolls and she & she; saw he had money filling. As Claire describes and according to the FDA website, this type of network was not created until the 1800s. So, the American Native American ghost that she saw was more likely to be a traveler at the time – and maybe that Claire did not like America in America throughout Scotland.

Although Claire does not receive many answers in "The False Bride" since she is busy with her; Getting a new home from Fraser & Ridge by Jamie, it's likely that there must be another port in North Carolina – or at least, somewhere in the colonies. And Mouth Other pieces have already been established since the completion of season 3, when Geillies try to go back to the future through the Abandawe cave in Jamaica. Claire and Jamie stopped, since Youngie hoped to give Young Ian and killed Brianna, but the cave was a traveling place.


First sight of it Mouth Season 4 shows indigenous older people to create a circle of stones such as Craigh na Dun, which appears to be America; there. The Native Americans then sat at this place as Claire described the importance of circles, so the site is very important in this season. Perhaps, as Claire and Jamie live in North Carolina, they will find out this holy place. And maybe he even binds them to their daughter, because Brianna should also travel to the time. Certainly, Brianna at Craigh na Dun appeared to appear on the 4th season train but, There may be a link between these travel points.

Even if this new discovery does not lead Brianna to Claire and Jamie, the contemporary ghost of this contemporary traveler had already gone; helps Claire and maybe she would help her again. So it is expected that there will be more people who can travel over time Mouth Season 4 continues.

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