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After the Yankees were getting the sailor James Paxton over the counter, the next track continued to go. free market signing. According to a Big League writer Jon Morosi, the Yankees are thinking about having a ' recording the biggest market star of a brand, Bryce Harper, who's a? consider the top of the team.

The Yankees have sufficient financial resources to make a good contract for Harper. However, it has been reported that the Yankee business policy has changed in recent years, and unemployment has not been identified in identified strikes and identified strikes. The signing signature for Harbo is "Lack of interest, so after Moroci has released Yankees's plan for signing Harper, an unnamed person said the news was" unreasonable. "

Complaints from the current series of the Yankees, are already two generals, Stanton, "Judge", Aaron Judge, and they are expected to submit a contract with Aaron Hicks during his & # 39 ; Competition, as well as Jadna in the outdoors (Brett Gardner), Jacoby Ellsbury and Clint Frazier, Harper is not the most challenging candidate for the team.

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▲ Stanton was added to a Yankee outside zone. (Dealbh / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

In the first place, the Yankees put together Luke Voit through the exchange of this season. He played in the Yankees 39 and made .333 / .405 / .689 strike, including 14 home courts and 33 points. RBI, it is anticipated that this is the first choice for its & # 39; the first Yankees venue next year. In addition, the Yankees also have a strong game, Greg Bird, and the first place is also a talented person.

At Harper League's 7th anniversary, 927 played a total of games, with only one game played as the first player. Although fractions data, Harper's protection capacity in the outer field is lower than the average league level, but its real value remains in the field.

Harper wrote in a position in 159 games this season, which hit 249 / .393 / .496, a & # 39; hitting 34 home runs and 100 points, and hitting a high position.

▲ National Harbo. (Dealbh / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

▲ Harper hit a new post in this season. (Dealbh / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

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