Are there any necessary sanctions for government change in Venezuela?


November 27, 2018 03:26 PM
Updated on November 27, 2018 3:38 PM

Nicolás Maduro's government addresses a series of sanctions, many of which are for her; potential effects of corruption, glacier, crimes against humanity from Venezuelan officers and how the country is in a position; decline.

The United States, Canada and the European Union (EU) ordered to block buildings and prevented them from entering their areas by President Nicolás Maduro and senior government executives. Since 2015, positive complaints have been made to officers and senior officers; In total, at least 76 are stated.

"The government of Nicolás Maduro has made a major political effort in Europe and other languages, however, until 2018, most of the countries want the best have less relationship with governments where crime suspects against humanity, "said Daniel Varnagy, PhD in Political Science, professor and coordinator of Economics course at Simón Bolívar University (USB), a & # 39 ; The National Net.

Group: Gabriela Galíndez – The National Net

On 6 November, the EU expanded armed barriers and individual sanctions to those responsible for the registration of human rights for a year. The international organization believes that the situation in the country is going to & # 39; going on.

Varnagy believes that sanctions, which have a pragmatic and symbolic part, creating international importance. "On the pragmatic side of Europe, he attempts to impede the stability of power, and at a symbolic point he does not want anything to co – related to the government's rules based on the decline of citizens, and at any time they lived there, "he said. .

Julio Castellanos, a Venezuelan political scientist, explained that the breakdown of democratic thread and human rights breach were the reasons for approving the sanctions.

"The European community brings out the sanctions because the reasons are still present, there is no clear intention to make up the destruction of the Maduro government for the national democratic institution and the Legal Rule, "he stressed.

Castellanos made sure that the sanctions could be more difficult, however, he said that the penalties need to be completely for replacing the constitutional thread.

"It is essential that a co-host of countries that control Venezuela is to include nations such as China and Russia," said Castellanos, who ensured that meeting To this requirement, the Maduro government finds how it looks financially even though the cost is higher. victims for citizens.

Conversation: the real solution?

The countries that belong to the Lima Group do not support the law; military invasion in Venezuela, while other countries in Europe and the region believe that sanctions are essential to emphasize the Maduro government. For its part, Josep Borrell, Foreign Affairs Minister from the Spanish government, said he maintains international importance because the same "sterile" solution is if there are no conditions created for conversation.

Political scientist, Julio Castellanos, said the government would be used for military assault as a sheer on an international competition. "The system in the hands would be an excuse to attack violently and violently against those who feel enemies inside." He also explained that "negotiation" is the correct word, before "conversation".

"The search for a reconciliated solution to the Venezuelan crossroads is the most reasonable. In addition, not only the Spanish situation, the EU situation and its rest of the community are between also international, "said the specialist.

Professor Daniel Varnagy said the conversation could be done according to the conversations placed on the board.

"Arrangements that are outside a moral Constitution are not or are not legal. Any arbitration that has happened must be based on respect for a concept Law, jurisprudence and current Constitution, "he said.

Varnagy said that any agreement that moves away from the ethical conception can not be identified as an agreement. "The situation in the country is so terrible that it can only restore an order through system change, this system change is a ethical order," he explained.

What is expected for 2019

Experts agree that the diminution of Venezuelan quality of life may become worse if government misstatement can be against the destruction and lack of food.

"Only legitimate government, chosen through clear and irresponsible elections, which receives international credit and national confidence, opposes the essential decisions that will come from & # 39 ; get out of such a deeper emergency, "said Castellanos.

He found that there are three difficult data for the country: there is a control over the security of civilians who are increasingly military, the ability of regional government to go to; respecting the responsibilities of staff (generating a high union conflict for 2019) and without peaceful and electoral paths.

"By providing quiet places there is a dangerous danger to public attitudes to suggest how radical it is committing or attempting to take action violent, "he said.

On the other hand, Daniel Varnagy noted that, although there are official notices that show that there is no control, the government has a continuing rule in multiplication in the country.

"At the end of the year, the national government can see an increase in complaints, both for public services and for food and medicine. By now, the government must have a level of understanding that this model is an unstable module over time , "he said.

The sanctions could be upgraded for next year because the different international organizations and countries around the world have warned that the date of 10th January is for a loyalty of President Maduro. The National Assembly is to ensure that there is a solution of power in 2019 because they believe that the elections of May 20 are fierce, they also do; shows that their international community needs to work together to achieve "democrats of democracy" in the countryside.

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