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There are likely to be Terminator, Matrix and many other movies that talk about; abolish humanity with tools that did not teach us anything, for long & And we continue to devolve Devolution Devolution Self Ability, a new report is being launched; make sure that the video game EVE Online has taken control of itself and has begun to make battles between itself without human management or management.

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A game online game was not controlled out of control and lost three cosmetic hurdles (pirates, miners and minerals) without participating in humans.

In November 2017, a company released CCP Games published an extension that extended the posters of the non-player characters (NPC) and when they started their fight for control of the countries

So the pilgrims & # 39; Managing the land and resources & # 39; miners, when the fraction of the & # 39; vagabonds in the region. "It's not sure if it was an accident, or did they have fun information about their activities," the media reports. Then, the pirates and other ranks – the flotilla of the Amar-united Empire and their fighting were in the face of the common enemy. Amarr flotilla affected the vagabonds, but the pirates broke them and winners wounded. that battle.

"It's not known to have been an accident, or if they've had funny information about their activities," said the 3Dnews port.

CCP opened search games to learn more about the dangers of the game from this uncertain information and how long and those outcomes would be; go.

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