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Are you suffering from insomnia?

Look at some tips to improve sleep quality

1/30/2019 – 00:00:00.

Sleep is a relaxing time for bodybirth, fundamental to its biological positions. Their time is different from person to person, to be longer in childhood, age reduction.

Insomnia is the situation that is characterized by sleeping, both at the beginning of sleep, as well as feeling, and, giving night time a feeling very sleepy, tired of having a & # 39; awoke. In addition, people with diabetes can be tired and have a problem during the day, as well as having difficulty in stress and stress in school or work.

Insomnia can affect people of all ages. In the third age, in particular, sleeping tends to reduce its & # 39; permanent and also to be more likely, not to indicate the insomnia.

Insomnia is often in a position, and its correct judgment is fundamental in choosing a cure. For some experts, they do not always see insomnia for a & # 39; sleep at least 3 times a week.

What can insomnia do?
Stress: worry about work, family, health, school can stop the person from resting and sleeping. falling asleep;
Relationship problems: a problem in impact relationships;
Reason: Bad concerns, as well as day-to-day worries, keep the person aware of the problems of sleeping;
Depression: People with depression may sleep too much or have a problem sleeping;
Use of medicines: some of the drugs can cause anxiety in some people, including: medication to reduce blood pressure; corticoids; antidepressants; weight loss pills; beta barriers; unfortunately; Flu vaccines for remedies;
Environmental factors: light, sound (traffic, planes, television, factory and even dog fractures);
Use of special materials containing: caffeine; alcohol; nicotine;
Scheduled anomalies: changes in working hours and working hours, especially at night, can continue to insamnia. The establishment of a way of life is a crucial factor in misinterpretation;
Physical non-activity: and people with an unusual way of life may have difficulties having to; sleep;
They eat too late at night or on empty stomach: it can cause uncomfortable when she is lying down which makes it difficult for the person to go to her. sleep;
Blue light: The amount of blue light directly affects the formation of melatonin, the hormone that is made in the dark with the brain. It is important that you use tools that prevent or reduce the type of light at night. The use of chickens in the screens of these tools is not recommended or used in orange lenses which are used in the orange lenses; prevent the light blue functionality.
Opinions on a trip: When you lie in bed, it's not good to & # 39; Think of anything and relax until sleeping. But, when you think that your head will not go out, or even fear not to sleep, it can make it difficult to sleep.
Are you suffering from insomnia?

Manual for Sleeping Well
Having to spend their mind is essential for rest, but many of these are not known to know. It is a powerful device in its view to achieving this objective. There are different formats and ways of thinking that help to relax, help the quiet of mind and sleep. Look at some of the recommendations to improve sleep quality:

At the time of sleep, avoid thinking about problems or mistakes; Doing actions that can help you to sleep, like to stay on, computer. At this time you should be calm and calm.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoke four to six hours before bedtime for a & # 39; encourage people.
Choose food before the bed, avoid red meat, fried meat and fat. Produce, yogurt, or nuts prefer.
At this time, take some time to care for yourself. Take a warm bath, whip your teeth, skin care, & # 39; body and cuts. These uses tell us to sleep.

Holding a busy day, & # 39; using exercises and traveling, it is essential to relax at night. Do not miss this day. The Naps can be spread throughout the day to make it difficult to sleep at night. If you are infected, make sure that this is not more than 30 minutes and does not occur after 3pm tonight.

Line down, close your eyes, slowly slowly into your nose; deep breathing and slowly through the mouth. Through each breath, the air passes through the cannons, and # 39; leave through the mouth and the path that he makes through his body. Re-revive slowly and in depth several times.
Biological clock management; place a set time for sleeping and awake, and always look at her; Some hours made for sleeping.
If you suffer from pain, try to & # 39; using natural seaweed. He is willing to sleep a good night to comfortably and comfortably.

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