Area 1 proposes to block traffic to Nguyen Hue throughout Traffic – Town time


In the evening of November 16, Area 1 Committee stated that the area had requested the Department to " Transport changed the transport plan on Nguyen Hue Street, Area 1.

The People's Committee in Area 1 said that they would block all vehicles on Nguyen Hue Street on Saturday and Sunday from 19 hours to 23 hours, so far this has not been co-ordinated. closed. of the Household People's Committee; in line with the guidance of the Household People Committee.

On 11-9-2018, the Investigating Police Group contacted the Area 1 People's Committee to provide an application related to the prevention of traffic on the road above to deal with traffic disruptions at the time of a casualty. foreigners. On the other hand, traffic police in District 1 have also found problems in dealing with traffic fighting in the Nguyen Hue area due to the lack of road roads with the authorities.

The Traffic Department established a traffic signal system at a & # 39; Crossroads with Nguyen Hue Street (in accordance with No. 11205 / SGTVT-KT date 11-10-2018) are sufficient for the People's Committee 1 to stop the 7-day access and Sundays weekly due to non preferably as ordered. On the other hand, the regulations governing the Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Hue Street Memorial monument fields, are set out with an Arrangement Conclusion. 11/2016 / QD-UBND with a & # 39; dated 8 April, Organizing a stream of traffic on Nguyen Hue.

For traffic organization that serves the Nguyen Hue road, in accordance with the Nguyen Hue Street management and operation process, issued by the Urban Traffic Survey Guide. 1, the most valuing capacity of transport modes is 1.5 tons on this road.

At the same time, the Nguyen Hue Street area is a walking square, where many tourists and people to activity, entertain, often visit. move across Nguyen Hue. To ensure traffic safety and safety for visitors in specific activities in the Nguyen Hue area, the People's 1 Area recommended a Department of Research & Research Department; prohibit each vehicle with a pay charge of more than 1.5 tonnes Nguyen Hue Street (make sure the maximum burden is on the surface of the road); restricted traffic distance on Nguyen Hue from 10-20km / h; Stopping, parking for all vehicles on the Nguyen Hue road; Design a roadmap for all traffic to Nguyen Hue Street to meet the needs of the area.

In the coming years, 2019 will increase the entire road ban on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and continue to prevent traffic throughout the week by 2020; Creating a traffic path on the Nguyen Hue and Le Loi routes to ensure traffic safety, depending on the operation of the street to walkers.

In addition, the Population Committee in Area 1 also requested the Transport Department to advise and recommend the People's Committee; Bhaile that stopped all vehicles on Nguyen Hue Road Saturday and Sunday from 19 hours to 23 now to create a legal passage in traffic breakdown handling at Nguyen Hue.


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