Area 9 police told the captain saying "love to go"


Wednesday, November 21, 18:00 p.m. 20:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Area 9 police told the captain saying "love to go"; The appeal restricted both cases of the vessel's sting. Innova falls rapidly fast … hot news is 24h.

Area 9 police told the captain saying "love to go"

In regard to the minutes of the police officer of Tan Phu (district 9), he asked "how to build, pick up time, place" with the people, said Colonel Trang Viet Thanh, the chief of the police in Area 9 (HCMC). , first detected that police officers have no behavior culture correctly. The police clarify the review.

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A portrait of the police event with the laird.

Earlier on the social network, recorded police scenes appeared, street security to the scene to protect and remove a home fence and then happen at the same time as the owner . At the end of the event, someone asked a police uniform with the captain's head "I like to take off, select the hobby."

Vu Thi Thu Ha, Chairman of the Tan Phu Ward People's Committee, District 9, said that the event took place on the 14/11 morning when the government's Commitment was led by Mr Ha and Tan Phu ward police down the area. Neighborhood 5 to remove the fence caused by a removal family that will affect the movement of other houses.

When the force is active to shut up, the home is a causing many people to oppose, and eliminate the armed forces.

"At the same time, there was no unnatural person who was going to understand that the story was moved to curse Major N and his invasion threat. At that time, Mr. N could not be calm, so in lack of hold, N's hot voice, "said Ha.

The appeal was refused to both crack a & # 39; Innova cottage back on the road

On the afternoon of November 21, the leaders of the Hanoi Courts said that the leaders of the unit had signed the march application, in terms of their two-place and a # 39; express ideas for investigation. Le Ngoc Hoang's driver was under the control of Innova under the control of Ngo Van Son. Hanoi distance abbreviation – Thai Nguyen on 11/11/2016.

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The scene of the disaster.

Earlier on 11/19/2016, Ngo Van Son conducts Innova 8 seats; carrying 10 people running on Hanoi's main road – Thai Nguyen. Given that her & # 39; A car that went out of the roadway at the Yen Binh (Y Phoenen town) crossing, Mac needed to go to; drive back to the fence on the right.

At the same time, the driver Le Ngoc Hoang drove the tractor driving the trailer on the road to the Innova. As a result, the crash left 5 dead and 5 injured.

The son and Hoang were arrested for "breaking rules on the control of road traffic". At the first test, even though the person is protected by & # 39; claiming that he is innocent but was brought to Hoang 10 years imprisonment in the Pho Yen township, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment to Son.

At the appeal court, the Panel still continued to claim Mac and Hoang's allegations; commit crime "to prevent the rules that control the road traffic that means" how to " trial court, but to reduce some of the piece for defensors. 9 years imprisonment, Hoang's conviction was convicted to 6 years imprisonment.

After that, the High Court ordered the Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Court to move all the original documents that belong to a moving driver case that Innova returned to the road to search.

Gasoline prices fell well since this afternoon 21/11

According to information from the Ministry of Finance – Business and Trade, from 15:00 p.m. on 21/11, petroleum fuel prices will be filed quickly.

Last 24h: Area 9 police spoke up about the main idea

Gasoline prices fell for the third time in a series.

His / her ministry also asked businesses of the level of gasoline; currently with E5 RON92 petrol, oil, mazut oil. It is a VND950 / liter in its & # 39; RON95 gasoline funds and VND500 / liter diesel.

Along with the increase in the permanent property of a petrol price, e5RON92 must petrol, oil and fuel oil stop the use of its & Fund.

After making and doing # 39; Costs of excellence and oil prices, petrol and oil prices used in the market are as follows:

– Petrol E5 RON 92: down 973 VND / liot

– RON 95-III petrol: VND decreased 1,093 / liter

– 0.05S diesel: 907 VND / liter decreased

– Kerosene: decreased 844 VND / liot

– 180CST 3.5S fuel oil: 508 VND / kg decreased

Therefore, the prices sold by petrol and oil are not lost; market higher than its price as follows:

– E5 RON 92 petrol is not higher than VND18,627 per lir;

– RON 95-III petrol is not higher than 19,972 VND / liotar;

– 0.05S diesel: it is not higher than 17,637 VND / liotar;

– Kerosene: it is not higher than 16,242 VND / liotar;

– 180CST 3.5S Carbure Oil: it is not higher than 15,186 VND / kg.

The time for the establishment and cost of the Petrol Price Statistical Fund for petroleum products as well as the price change will be implemented from 15.00 (21/11).

The procuraterate praises the sentence with two who were general and who; "headteacher" complaint

On November 21, after the end of the question, the People's Population published on the Phu Tho country was a priority and praised the sentence for the defenders who were involved in the trillion gambling tranche on the internet.

Last 24h: Area 9 police spoke up about the main idea

Guardian in court.

So, the prime minister has held the case against defenders Nguyen Thanh Hoa (who was a leader of the crime prevention department – C50, under the Department of Police Department), Phan Van Vinh General Director, General Police Department, Nguyen Van Duong (Chairman of the Board of Members) and Phan Sao Nam (who was the Director of VTC Online).

The convener proposes to & # 39; Panel is to allow 8-9 year imprisonment in prison on "A complaint complaint", 3-4 years imprisonment "Money to be cleared", complete penalties from 11 to 13 years imprisonment; Phan Sao Nam from 3 to 4 years imprisoned on "Campaigning a complaint", 3 years imprisonment for "Cashing", which severely punished 6-7 years imprisonment.

The convener condemns the defendant's recommendation from 7 years 6 months to 8 years, who condemns Phan Van Vinh 7 – 7 years and 6 months on "imperial abuse charges when they are & Achieving public duties ".

What does the truck driver say at least when the Courts are complaining that the case will be the case; to eradicate ever?

A driver of a goat was happy to hear that the family was listening.

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