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Wednesday, November 21, 18:00 a.m. (GMT + 7)

Police officers in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City have been associated with the minutes, ask the main police "as the sink, select the place".

Clip: People respond, ask the main police "as the sink, select the place"

Colonel Trang Viet Thanh, head of police in District 9 (Ho Chi Minh Town) has information related to the main police at the Parish Question ward (Area 9) choose time "with the people.

Colonel Thanh said police officers were initially carried unsuitable. The police clarify the review.

Earlier on the social network, recorded police scenes appeared, street security to the scene to protect and remove a home fence and then happen at the same time as the owner . At the end of the event, someone asked a police uniform with the captain's head "I like to take off, select the hobby."

The police say they are better protected by their time selection: # 9 local police - 1

A portrait of the police event with the laird

Vu Thi Thu Ha, Chairman of the Tan Phu Ward People's Committee, District 9, said that the event took place on the 14/11 morning when the government's Commitment was led by Mr Ha and Tan Phu ward police down the area. Neighborhood 5 to remove the fence caused by a removal family that will affect the movement of other houses.

The ward chairman reports that there have been land disputes between Mr T and Mrs L & District (Area 5) regarding the general route between the two houses over the years. Mr T's family has occasionally closed the entrance to Ms. Mackintosh's house, and she has been sent to her. resolve the case with the court.

On November 14, Mr T continues to & # 39; ban on Mrs. L. Implementation of a District Court decision to give a family an emergency opportunity; Ms L & 39; and the Ward People's Committee with the help of the public to protect the room to remove concrete panels to block the entrance to Mrs. L.

At the force of the campaign to abolish, Mr T made many relatives involved in a complaint. Mr T's daughter had been disturbing the military forces again.

"At the same time, there was no unnatural person who was going to understand that the story was moved to curse Major N and his invasion threat. At that time, Mr. N could not be calm, so in lack of hold, N's hot voice, "said Ha.

The chairman of Tan Phu Ward also stated that he requested that Major N be calm. At the headquarters, Ms. Ha had meetings and expertise with the police directors of the equipment, as well as memorabilia, and # 39; reviewing Major N about the policing of the population.

Ms. This is not the first time the ward met his family's unintentional actions. In addition, Mr T did not co-ordinate with government agencies in a & # 39; resolve the interrelated issues. land dispute

Police officer asked

Responding to the people, they answered, asked a main police "as the sink, select the place".

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