Area vaccine that crawls against her; his neck that is on his bone. Beul and turn The hemorrhagic and buffaloes falcon | Chiang Mai News


Action The area was against its vaccination; a spoiled neck. Beul and cas Hymenoptera, Diphtheria, Cattle and Buffaloes And eliminate the disease in the risk range.

November 23. 61 Mr Mongkol Charoenmuang, Pai Rattanakosin and Mr Peerapat Pongpiboonphong, Adoption of Chronic Disease Out of the area that is immunized, oral disease 1/2562 Ban Mae Tei, Pha Pa, Mae Lan Noi, Mae Hong They are. Farmers who built 8 cattle with 105 animals. For the vaccine campaign against mouth disease. Hematopoietic disease and pathogen destruction in the first round of the fiscal year 2016. On November 20, 61 a & 39; folklore vaccine, 76 cases and 45 buffaloes at home. Khun MaLan m. 1, Khun Ma Lian, Ma Lun, Mae Hong Son to stop the disease in the cattle.

For hemorrhoids, septicemia, septicemia, or swollen gynecomastia, are very seriously ill in cattle. It is not as bad as other animals such as sheep, pigs, horses, etc. The signs are important. Unstable breath Antecedent or clothing High level of severe death and death It should be disciplined and protected. If the disease in the area should be 1. Eat ears to be used. 2. Delete the stones to burn. Not at least 1 meter deep from the surface and with antiseptic or lime. 3. Buy cattle with vaccine records. 4. Any livestock in a herd should be immunized by hemorrhagic septicemia. Once a year, regularly.

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