Argentina fell on 26th place among the largest economies in the world


An circulation of activity from Argentina last year, which came along with deep valuation of domestic money, answered in The decline of the country in the economies rating most important in the world.

Ann 2017, year in which GDP record grew by 2.9%, the dollar was very back in terms of inflation, as the 17% increase, compared to an average increase in 24.8% sales prices.

Last year, on the other hand, It was the opposite thing: length is the inflation accelerated to levels above 45% annually, the dollar value Wholesale sales at 102 per cent.

Both things Argentine Argentine GDP cut is estimated in a dollar, in line with IMF certificates USD 475,429 million, 25.4% not USD 168,128 million less than a previous year, although local economic calculations have a & # 39; estimate a Delivering goods of less than 3% in 2018.

This group of major economies Few of those recorded low of your GDP in dollars and There were no shares of Argentina's fate.

Major events Turkey, with the loss of an annual turnover of USD 138,000 million, a 16.2 per cent. The Asian country was also going through strong, powerful capital rubbish a decrease of 28% per liter throughout the year, due to its current current deficit.

There was also a 7% circumference for GDP Brazil measured in dollars (USD 145,757 million), in particular due to the value of 14.5% last year Indonesia (-1%), Iran (-0.1%) and Russia (-0.1%).

In the last year they transposed Argentina due to the result Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, and # 39; Belgium and Thailand, with GDP between 600,000 and 420,000 million dollars.

For 2019, the IMF considers it to be Argentina's economic activity will leave a further 1.6%, so that four more steps could come down internationally, 30 percent, with GDP USD 408.030 millionh mph East North Easterly Austria (USD 469.661 million), Norway (USD 448,463 million), United Arab Emirates (USD 455.587 million) and Nigeria (USD 447.013 million).

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