"Argentina has still been in hospital, it is in transition movement"



Expansion of the Nation, Carlos Melconian, to Macri who does not want to go to # 39; criticize the style "the worse already happened". He planned to re-election the PRO leader

"People need to tell the truth, not to be more loyal to win", with this sentence, Banco Nación, Carlos Melconian's former president, put up the reason for the upcoming president elections, and This is the second term of Mauricio Macri

In an interview with Luis Novaresio and A24, a PRO economist was involved in political research.

Without giving names, he also restricted the conduct of communications of the directors: "You must tell the truth because that's what you're going to regain, what is a story to be Do you have a big thing to do with it? It's not a campalache. The day in which the truth is pressing you, what do you say? There's nothing else to say. "

In this regard, he praised President Macri to avoid "the worst thing" of the style.

He asked "to allow people, but not to be based on the story". And he said that he is part of the duty of his / her colleagues that they do not want to; lie longer, they say how things are. "

"The day we are more than we want to tell the truth, we have changed," he said.

"In this context, Macri's re-election would have already been", it was confirmed.

Below, its main definitions:


– "The President is going to re-election, the four more four as I can see, the most important resource that is not in front, It is a part of the duty of societies to want them to no longer lie, the day's things are bigger than we want to tell In fact, we have changed. "

Your relationship with Macri

– "At any time I have separated from the President, I am with him and the things we talk between us".

Economy and IMF

– "Argentina has been in hospital and this will be the case, we are in transition movement, not a special program".

– "The problem came to a certain extent that the only place where money in the world is the Asset and thus came a restaurant, which should be a man from 1944 when the Fund was created , and it's hard. Smiling, it's not very good, it's very illegal, they come out the fire, I'll let the money again to see if I & # 39; get independence, without breaking their mail, to delete all that you want, but the promise must be fulfilled ".

The skiing

– "Let's let's break on, let's get hold of the questionnaire."

– "People need to tell them what they are like, people must reward the person who tells them the truth, not to be more loyal to win, let's get out of it & # 39; break, let's not let her crawl, I think many are giving a competition to the people, but not on the storyline.

– "You have to tell the truth because that's what you're going to get back to control, what's going to get a story, about having something? That's all a cambalache." The day in which truth makes you feel what you say? There is nothing else to say, formalists can not take part now, they do not use it. "

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