Argentina lost Brazil and can not compete in the U20 – 02/10/2019 competition


An Argentine election he could not do it; identified U 20 South American Championship of Chile falling 1 to 0 against Brazil, a team that did not reach the impact to mark the classroom The Polish World Cup. For a led team Fernando Batista He arrived with his heart to become a new king of the continent, but how good it was to have a better benefit, he did not; can convert the product.

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Lincoln's penalty was a penalty, in a definitive and long-term explanation; Argentine Rubus was able to arrive for a & # 39; link to the wall, hit it on; mail and went in. Last Thursday, the National Team defeated Uruguay 2-1 with goals from Moreno and Maroni and received the ticket to Poland.

For a thrush player, the national team had only to draw, because he added 10 points to him and he would be equivalent to Ecuador's first situation, which put Venezuela on 3-0. However, the Argentinians would benefit from achieving more targets (in different differences, the two are at 4). He could not be.

Brazil, for itss, had a quick impact on three different goals to achieve the ticket to the World Cup. There were only two points at a square green amarela and reached five units. This goes beyond Colombia, what times is it? In the first game of the day, it seems unlike Uruguay – as already recorded – and, for now, he is living with his / her; fourth place to travel to Poland.

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