Argentina will return to bring meat to the United States after 17 years


Depending on the official bodies reported, The United States will include including each cut of the bump, without use, except the head, shoes and anxiety. In addition, Argentina will have an installment of 20,000 tonnes per annum and exports over the next installment will be 26.4 per cent.

From the Agroindustry pound they said that "80% of the product produced would be an addictive meat that the US industry wants hamburgers to be made and that is not enough done by North American representatives. The remaining 20% ​​would have high quality cuts, Premium produce with special features. "

Through your social media account, President Macri said: "It's a huge chance. The United States is the world's largest food that includes food and meat-meat. Our agents are able to move from a market of 44 million people to one of the largest people in the world and more work for Argentineans. "

At the same time, the Minister for Representation and Labor, Dante SicaHe said that "This conversion result confirms the importance of continuing to open Argentine products to the markets of the world, as well as consolidating the trading streams; already with the United States. "

On its part, the Argentine Foreign Minister, Jorge Faurie, he marked "the importance of this decision for the Argentine agricultural sector, as it offers new business opportunities for our makers and exporters. "

From France, where it will take part in Wednesday of the show on the results of & # 39; First Agricultural Policy Review Review of Argentina prepared by the Organization Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Secretary of the Agribusiness Industry Government, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, describing that he was content to achieve this important important step for our country as a result of effective and co-ordinated work with health organizations, agricultural care and societies, Strengthen equal trust to continue working on our two-dimensional agenda. "

Finally, Alfredo Gusman, president of the Argentina Association of Angus, in communication with Group: He said: "Argentine carnivores are recognized worldwide, and the US market revival will allow us to continue to expand our export, and & # 39; possibly expanding their property values.

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