0 km sold with 54 percent savings plans in the middle of the crisis

Quotations in some cases are doubled and many freedom do not know how to deal with the situation in the short term

According to the 0 km car sales, there are also various types of financial options that fall, especially savings, classic for Argentines, Looking to buy their first new model or exchange.

According to the official data of Acara, our company's trademark entity fell, sold vehicles through 45% funding in our country.

There were 21,362 units purchased in installments, 44.6% of all month's patents.

Within this globe, the most important option chosen by Argentines is the saving scheme, which fell by 54.3%, according to data from Association of Dealers (Acara).

In the first ten months of 2018, 734,767 new cars were sold in the country. 50.7% were bought in cash, 48.2% responded to clothing (among most of the behaviors) and the remaining 1.1% through a review.

There were 350,106 units; in the car years of a car funded.

Amongst the dress, 53% correspond to the equipment's safety limits. These are the savings plans, which will improve the quota as the increase price is to be charged; car.

In the sector they argue that the reduction is largely due to the rise in prices of 0 km and the increase in the level of interest.

The totally funded sale is the fifth month after that; shows negative numbers.

Within the options in installments, it is the case of the most difficult saving plans: the seventh continuous month that falls after September (-50.9%), August (-39.9% ), July (- 28.4%), June (-26.7%), May (-14%) and April (-2.9%).

In 2018, it was the five brands with a & # 39; highest participation in Fiat savings plans, with 22.1%; Volkswagen, with 18.3%; Renault, with 16.2%; Chevrolet, with 15.1% and Ford, with 12.5%.

In October, 48,330 units were painted and it was the fifth month after that; decline, with a 38.5% reduction annually.


As well as falling on the use of saving plans, it is a & # 39; One of the four plans is considered in arrears.

According to surveys of the department, the saving plans became a heavy water for the users who made this year's decision to use these instruments to reach 0 km.

Between May and November, two monthly arrangements came to the monthly arrangements, as a result of encouraging the price of cars after being reduced. This created, in a case of months, that the value of its monthly payment has been completely doubled.

In the sector, it is worried that more than 25% of plans are estimated to be; reflect some of the findings.

Amongst the customers, at the same time, they are very uncomfortable because they were looking for changes that were higher than expected. So, in many cases, sub-writers reconsider how they move forward, and others will be eliminated.

According to experts in the department, the most difficult situation is familiar with people who have already been progressed in the system and do not want to lose everything they have paid.

On the other side of the counterpart, those customers who had just paid and got for his & tax two or three, out of the system directly because they know that it is impossible to maintain it over time, and they prefer to lose their paid payment until they are ready in a few months with a bigger debt.

The elevations that incurred the taxes took almost two.

Accompanying as a small car parameter – the best sellers are through the saving plans – such as the Citroen C3 level, this ranged from $ 354,000 to $ 528,000 between May and November; In the Renault Kwid case, the increases were from $ 251,000 to $ 410,000, that is, more than 60 per cent.

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