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1% had his chance to live, and he did it!

A child was born in advance and only 1% of his ability to survive from a disease in his brain. But he surprised the doctors with his development.

There was a couple from Indiana, USA, who had the baby getting too fast, with just six months of movement and disease that was infected. destroying her disease. Rowan, the little one, the 1% chance that lived, however, did.

His father said he could never eat or grow without coal. "It was too small for removal, so he was a death sentence." The child was Enterocolitis necrotizing, aggressive disease that is very early.

His parents looked for other clinics to hold other expert ideas, so one of them would be recommend being able to re-enter. Four days later, within a working room, the doctors again wondered: a large part of the bone was in good condition.

Seven months after being in, Rowan He grew back and got home. "I have seen through everything that makes me think my son is wonderful", his father was happy. The child still needs to handle and carry out regular monitoring but he is already out of danger.

Many babies have this blue site but … what's it?

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