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"2018 Dance": Sol Pérez appeared what's going to disturb her & her; Most of the previous football players

(Video "ShowMatch", Thirteen)

She is one of the most beautiful and best women in Argentina. However, in the event of being entertained, men in general have not been very enthusiastic about her. So, he identifies on the way Dance himself Sol Pérez, who did not have the best experiences when choosing their football players; before.

"Indeed when you went out with the football players, for example, Exequiel Palacios, Did he tell you about Aristotle? I'm dead dead here"he asked Marcelo Tinelli after she said she loved the men to talk about her about "life philosophy".

"We sit and we talked about life "she answered. "We all talk about life," said the driver.

"No, we'll talk about how you are dealing with problems, what you want for your life, there is one, I will not find who, who told me: & # 39; What do you want for your life? I want to be a million people. You're letting it down, because you say: "No, you can not being a millionaire. "For example, when I turned my years, I will spread my finger and say: & My three wishes I want to be happy. I had a very good girlfriend, who gave my birthday to give me a praises ", said the previous one weather girl.

"That's just half football players caughtDid you live there or not? WhatMagallán There was mouth caught? ", he agreed Tinelli.

"Another man was the worst man who gave me a gift, famous man of the River at that time. I prefer it to give me chocolate, but it gave me a variety of clothes that they gave him"she said.

"Shorts Soccer, River Bucits?" He called for vice president San Lorenzo.

"No, for example a ladies' shoe that was sponsored by them"The Sun was undoubtedly." They are caughtThey are rats. I invite many, "he said, then telling a little storytelling.

"He gave me shoes for a dinner and never got food." It is a witness in a museum, I would say to him, "Tell me when we are going." But he replied that I had no time. And when we finally went, the preliminary recommendation was already issued, so I ended up paying for it.", the person who took part decided Dance, who had been consulted on the equipment in which the person in care was limited, saying that he was in a position; played in the National B.

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