25 information about the first Doom to send; may not know

– Move the board! This afternoon Bruno comes with the CPU-What? How does your CPU come? – The request from my company in the university was very unusual. A & # 39; year 1993, and no-one in the correct mind 8-kilogram CPU and CRT analysis was not a good reason. Then he showed me the diskettes.

Preliminary overview
Story about it Baldur gate, the video game that revived the post, who died and rose from …

-Do you look for the Baldu Gate huh? – The thrush made his eyes circulated and did; face growth …

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There they were. Four dots 3½ inches with the word Doom written on them. I jumped up and I started throwing notes and books to the ground without any attention. That evening network games were very funny.

And what if they were. Those at evening, and those of the next day, and the next day …

On 10 December, 2018 celebrates the 25th anniversary of the launch of a game and changed everything to the extent that 3D hunters were very familiar Doon clones. The software ID name contains many of the foundations that n; explains today what is a human activity game. It was not badly badly bad to suffer and its clothes were affecting, not just a person who had a bad deal; there, but Doom He survived all of them. Its programmers became legends and the game was one of the few that would be run on devices as different as a calculator or ATM. Below we offer you 25 data (one for each year) Doom.

1.- Name of the game we need … Tom Cruise

In an interview with Doomworld, Iain Carmack discovered that his game name is available to Tom Cruise and the film The Silver Color (The Silver Color 1986) by Martin Scorsese. In this scene of the film, Vincent Lauria (the character played by Tom Cruise) shows her & her; case in which he carries his / her; billiard bill. When they ask what it is, it opens it and it's a? answer: "Doom" (Doom it has been translated into Spanish as a death, conviction or loss).

Carmack thought his game was going to go; The same effect in the industry as Vincent did in the world of billiards and that's why the game was so called. It's fortunate, because among the names they were hitting some were as spectacular as Attack invaders.

2.- The concept was promoted by a place match

Thinking behind him Doom to believe when he was part of his job Dungeons and Dragons led by John Carmack himself. Iain Romero explained that his friend found one of the games that concealed his magic magic and then opened it with a demonic side to demonic side. Discuss the minds of the development team and decided to be with a room environment similar to the one in the film Aliens (1986) and they were also fans.

Just look at the monster's head and tell me what you can see …
Photograph: Jeff Easley for the first handbook of plans (Wizards of the Coast)

3.- The cacodemonio is the monster head of AD & D

And no, not the Beholder. The promotion of ID Software in AD & D has been the limitations of theft. The design of the cacodemonium, for example, was taken directly from photographs drawn by the teacher Jeff Easley for Illustrated Handbook of Dungeons and Dragons. The picture shows a huge demon with one eye called Dreadnought (Astral Battleship). The ID software team did not create the monster's head for creating the cacodemonio.

4.- It affects Evil Dead and H.Giger

The other great creative reference for Doom The movie saga Distribution. In terms of the artistic side, Romero remembers that the artists who were responsible for creatures and situations were; game (Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, and Tom Hall) always on the Necronomicón book, with a Swiss artist of Switzerland. Giger Alien's famous creature is featured in various elements such as organic walls or demons design.

5.- Doom It was about to be a game of it Aliens

At first, Carmack and his team decided to do the Doom game based on Alien's geography. Indeed, ID Software introduced into pre-1920s by Fox Fox to get the official license. Before the closure of any agreement, the company expressed it for fear that it put too many creative constraints.

6.- Sea sea Doom They had no name until 1995 …

Doom's main role is a seabed, but the game is unlikely to avoid a story or a name. Iain Romero said the reason for this unnamed name was to make the experience worse for any player. Two years later it was published Cneine-Deep in the Dead, The first one in a series of novels that benefited Doom's success. In that novel the name of the sea is named for the first time: Flynn "Fly" Taggart

7.- … and has a secret face

The animated picture of the sea is larger and more bloody as it grows. damaged as a sign of his game. Amongst the style he has, there is a man you have never seen. Doom knows she is an ouch face (Ouch Face) and she is so scarce due to a game mistake. It was said that it would come out when we got 20 points of damage in a single fall, but instead it will come out just when we get 20 points of damage in one hit and -members. In some of the drafts the solution has been rescued and the outer face is more frequent.

8.- There is a Bible Doom, but not what you're thinking about

There is something called The Doom Bible, but nothing is done by satanical apostles. In 1992, while colleagues had a & n; Identity ID working on the technical side, the game photographer, Tom Hall, worked on a documented master of guidance Doom.

Hall was not happy with the offense in the script Wolfenstein 3Dand I did not want it Doom run the same. To avoid it, it worked for weeks on a document that was; gives a detailed description of scientists by opening a door to hell by a & # 39; giving the arms of demons that are simply taken. Unfortunately for Talla, Carmack was not fond of that Doom I had a very complex story. "The story in a video game is the story of a porn film. It is expected that this will be, but it is not important," explained the programmer.

Romero was supporting Carmack's idea to go to her; creating a video game that was much faster and more brutal, and a Hall needed to revitalize the Bible in a more simplified way. That original idea is Doom It was a single open level; , but the technical constraints made it impossible and it was again to destroy the ruins of the Hall's aims. At the end, he did not have much biographical details. come to the final draft.

9.- The original game consisted of 4 flexible discs, the 5

Today Doom It can be downloaded and installed on Steam, but in 1993 there was no popular digital platform. As there were, there were very few games on CD-ROMs because the reading units were too expensive for the home user. Doom Its marketing has four 3½ inches. The total game was almost 7MB. This series was not needed but one other album.

Photograph: John Romero (eBay)

10.- John Romero sold for $ 3,000

Talk to a sequel. In 2017, John Romero sold his copy Doom 2 on eBay for $ 3,150. The situation is that the discs did not have anything. An original copy of the game was; such as such other people who are eBay distributed. Bould just create a & # 39; the game they were offered to sign in the description.

11.- Cloth and angry camel: sounds Doom

No, you're not crazy. If you ever heard any sound Doom It's been to watch a series or a movie & # 39; and sounds were not an original game. The man who made the music and sound impact came at his & her; game, Bobby Prince, to a commercial database created by the Canadian company Sound ideas. Its source included explosive sounds, corridors or doors; opening and many of its representatives have been used over the years.

Particular sound of doors Doom, for example, to be heard in movies like Galaxy Quest and in a series like Stargate, Babylon 5 or Doctor Who. The guttural disease that has been abandoned by the horse that was killed is only a sound of a complaint about chamel and will be used back to the film Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

12.- Creation of metal with metal

An Distribution It was created by Bobby Prince inspired by the music of many metal bands of the time that includes Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Panther, AC / DC, Alice in Chains, and Black Sabbath. Names of a game also have a & # 39; describes metal songs of the time (House of Pain, the Living End, Nirvana, Genesis …).

13.- Doom start Shareware

One of the reasons why Doom's success was that the game started free. The first chapter of the three that is made up Doom, title Cneine-Deep in the Dead, can be downloaded and licensed under license spread. The purchase was costing around $ 40.

14.- … and today there is an open game game

In 1997, it published a Code License to a game under a license permit so that it could be transported to other platforms. Two years later, he published the code under a free GNU license. Its distribution has created a complete ecosystem of versions, modifications and improvements from new and module maps, to multimedia performances for 32 participants.

15.- The game with more versions of the story

Doom debated as a PC game, and then jumped to 3DO, Atari Jaguar, Sega 32X, NEC PC-9801, PlayStation, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Xbox, Xbox 360 (high Live Live Arcade and with Doom II and Doom 3 in the Doom 3 BFG) and PlayStation 3.

Code of change to other platforms is as easy as changing a continuous challenge amongst registrars. It has been successfully installed and implemented in scientific enumerators, printer screen, Porsche 911 screen, new MacBook Pro plug, and even LED key.

Preliminary overview
They play their guides Doom use one key as a screen

The list of devices that make Doom's game everyday is harder …

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16.- Doom did the term Cause of death

Today Deatchmatch The most common term with which we talk about multi-game games in which people are experiencing; face death. Although there is a question in the face of a debate, it is believed that the term was won by Iain Romero himself when he was in a position; created Doom.

17.- The launch of a fall in several universities …

We integrated into a multi-player option where up to four could play at the same time, either in a collaborative mode or in Deatchmatch. The multi-player was so successful and so excited that he killed the computer networks of a number of universities, including the University of Carnegie Mellon. A total of twelve students were launched to install on the university's computers to start online games.

18.- … and the appearance of the ESRB directory system

The violence there Doom It was a subject of so much debate and it had a huge impact on public opinion that this debate was going on; a decline in the implementation of an ESRB classification system (Software Software Recreation Board) which sets games up to age and content type. The ESRB started working in 1994.

19.- Try to connect with the Columbine murder

In April 1999, two students from Columbine High School in Colorado went into the center and killed her with their peers. They killed 13 people, 21 others injured and then killed themselves. Despite this, the incident was linked to video games.

This time it was said that Eric Harris, one of Columbine's assassins, had used a stage actor Doom to create a replica of the institute in which they can use the murder before being taken to the real world, but the data is deceitful. Indeed, Harris had created some of the levels for their game, but were not based on the institution or were not related to the actions that were missing; later.

20.- John Romero's head is hidden in the game …

The final stage of Doom John Romero's head is bound on a pike roof. The cost of Romero, hidden by the development team, is the cost of Romero, which has been said to have been impossible to work.

21.- … and a sentence from Romero was raised in the background

The photographer found the surprise level at his expense and decided to put another one to himself. For this reason he went to Bobie Prince and recorded a sentence in which he says "To win the game you must kill me." John Romero "(To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero). This sentence is heard back and gutural when it goes to the final stage of the game.

22. Weapons Doom they are based on toys

ID software did not have enough budget to get real weapons, such as armor design; A game that started from his own hands: guns and toys rifles. This amazing post from Field 365 reviews the overall armament of her & her; game and compare it to the original modules that they bought in ID software to create.

23.- Bill Gates was about buying ID software …

Success Doom It was so big that Microsoft was not aware of it. The company was very bad about being & # 39; Buying ID software, but never happened.

24.- … But he was content to appear in the game

Yes, Bill Gates appears Doom black coat decoration, & nbsp; carrying a gungun and grievedly devastating aliens; game. It's a delirium in her; video spot as a result of an agreement between Microsoft and ID Software. Gates wanted to take advantage of success Doom to encourage a technical platform that helped to activate video games in Windows 95. B & # 39; It's DirectX. Surely the name sounds something with you.

25.- The draft of Doom for Windows 95 designed by Gabe Newell

Part of the agreement between ID Software and Microsoft was involved in creating a special port for the new operating system. Gabe Newell software engineers included a very young person; in Redmond that was contracted for that work. Steam is the famous founder today.

Doom Newell's code left the incredible and incredible goal of focusing on the videogames world and found its own company: Valve. His first game was also a FPS and today it is a legend himself: Half-Life

But without another story we'll tell another day …

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