A 24 hour strike banking named some groups for this Friday

Does a bank stop affect you …

"There are no apologies for banks that are not updated as established by a joint agreement to April, the salary on October 1," reporting a statement signed by the owner of the AB, Sergio Palazzo.

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The text states that "a large majority of business organizations and rooms have respect for the agreement, and include units of the ABAPPRA room that are not with the Central Bank , made, in accordance with current legislation, how robust the renewal is salary is written for each activity ".

In this context, the Bank said "24 hour strike is required across the country from zero hours on Friday November 23 in the units that are refusing to refresh. "

At the beginning of the month, AB with ABA and ADEBA achieved a 12% increase, which had been operational from October 1 and was expected to be paid by 15 November, raising annual equality to 40 %.

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