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A black market grows growing and the industry purchases in Chronicle dollars

Le Merino Soto

The collapse of the production dam, from error, and lack of policy, to the milk sector resulted in the growth of growth parallel market sourceing raw materials with industry and SMEs. The struggle for their products causes it to diversify the offer in dollars to maintain the business.

According to official data, in 2018 over 700 dairy farms were closed. Of these, 30% entered the hands of larger centers, but the rest of the dairy cow worked. This allowed the business to focus. A measure to be encouraged – perhaps inadvertently – by the Government itself. In this context, it is understood that shortage, which last year stood at 9,500 million liters compared to 12,150 million in 2017, was a loss of 22%.

This will increase the amount of work available in black. A new but growing topic. Tamberos admitted from the dairy dish that was set up in part of Santa Fe, Córdoba, Buenos Aires and Entre tRegards that companies first pay up to $ 17 per liter of milk compared to the $ 11 negotiated across the country.

"They're coming straight, loading the milk and paying in the field, just to take it away", said a representative who said he was even able to choose between three suppliers. Today, this illegal activity ranges between 20% and 30% of the total national.

Exports grew in 2018 37% in mass, and 2% consumption decreased t

A less important case is industry capacity of up to 50%, a situation that will raise costs. From that it is understood that the raw material is found to cover the holes.

Others want to get milk, go to market and expect to pay in tolls. Danone's case came to offer up to 30 cents.

On Monday, during a meeting across the national menu, there was no progress with the Agroindustria farmers and dairy farmers. The problem is always around the price and although it is improving, the high quality environment and inflation does the activity incompatible.

On the other hand, exporting today is a priority for exports in 2018 by 29% and by 29.7%, compared to falling domestic consumption. Last year it fell by 2%.

Today the Government is trying to close an agreement with a number of companies to build a high-quality food basket, including La Armonía, which sells La Serenísima. Social milk is understood to be in the region of 280 million liters today. The company also said it was prepared to stop exports for part of the waste.

The game should be open to other players, such as SMEs, and do not make a contribution. Or instead, he pays expensive milk to sell freely. A product that is just different for its pack, but is not the same.

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