A conversation in the USA for the death of Jessica Starr, "the daughter of the climate" at Fox

A struggle in the world of journalism that was made Jessica Starr's death, "daughter of the climate" of Fox television channel, who decided to finish his life just 35 years ago. She was a mother of two boys and she was married.

The sad news was reinforced by Fox 2 Detroit to a lament of all his companions.

Starr I had been abused by observers when I was pregnant in 2015. The host house recommended the channel that she had received a brutal and unpleasant letter about her weight, days after her delivery.

"Everyone here is in crisis and we can not believe that the amazing, clear and prestigious person will not be with us," the television channel posted on their social networks.

Jessica said in a female panel how hard it was to work on the channel and to go to the channel; behavioral.

"We're in the public scene, and you need to have a thick skin in the media, that's just one part, and I agree with that, you can not do your own today, we have So you might like the machine, the uniform, that's right, I do not worry, but I received a letter written by hand that says that I & # 39; it seems like I'm going to give birth to an elephant. Is not it a time when you start your mother's leave? "I think that's a? crossing the line, "said Jessica Starr.

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