A corruption cycle will be closed: hours of childhood; emergency reactions

It is seen and heard: the powerful sound everywhere that settles in silence in the purpose of the books is a prompted notebook. Notebooks are the ones that add pages. And the new chapter, with allegations that regrets the role of federal judges, Complete corruption cycle as a Kirchnerist system. Some of the concepts are, with the difficulties they express and the jobs they are doing; do, also describe the level of the sound.

A federal judge and an old judge, or both of them for the first time, have been involved in an uncertain defense movement. That is, they were marked in court statements. Luis Rodríguez, in the case of the unlawful fortune ruled by secretary, secretary Daniel Muñoz, widow, Carolina Pochetti, and their environment. Norberto Oyarbide, in a move to close one of the causes against the Kirchner marriage for illegal riches.

This time there was a formal silence near Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, but they followed two movements. A & # 39; The first one is to dispute the protest against the proxy Carlos Stornelli, fighting, and the second one to be & # 39; Providing social networks with the opinion that the allegations would be against her & # 39; Judge Rodríguez was part of a war within federal jurisdiction with information services and politicians.

Stornelli referred to his complaint as "berreta". Sadly, something in that line had come forward with Elisa Carrió. I was not the only one who knew the truths. The point, as in any situation and even further afield of denouncers, judges, will spread – to establish the strength or the invention of the fish. So, naturally, with his political sense.

In the first plane, it can be said in all that it has just started. In the political field, on the other hand, it is in a vision. It would be a matter of committing the battle promptly to insult it to the procurator, a straightforward way to repel the purpose of the notebooks.. Is that alone? It may be so spectacular in the courts, but the motion can be better explained in order to show their political and wider protection game, and Thinking about the social impact or the idea of ​​the population.

There were advances in coronary causes – linked above, not only to public works – and making changes to the Kirchner strategy. Her first refusal and refusal was broken, especially from the images of José López's bags. They were more than the number of tickets in La Rosadita: this time it was at the doors of an old user and a former secretary of Public Works – an important part in the scheme of that power – as a leader.

The event's presentation was a "remote" or community case for the old president to have been short. The old president in the mid-2017 campaign said he was "hated" López for everything. That situation was changing and rapidly recording its nearest circle. Example: issues were not scattered, as was the case, to cash out as a special business of Lazaro Báez, not to ask about their origin and to the final destination. At the same time, Julio de Vido, Amado Boudou, appeared to his first line, to César Milani. It's not just Lopez and Ricardo Jaime forgotten in a place.
Without turning the screens to strengthen the line of complaint about everything that has happened as part of a larger plan of political persecution of Kirchnerism. And almost at the same time, equals that system of corruption with issues that emphasize their governance.

That revival, anything that is made up and now, does not try to show everything as a dark match of couples. Add another way: the uncertain line of equality evolved in relation to community and powerful wars. Everything was saying nothing was far away.

Show that way, it would not be a matter now to focus on distance or reason. Equality is to say that no one is clean or not; can speak. Worst: anyone could judge.

This response process was almost the same as changing the purpose of the notebooks. And above all, changes were made and it became more difficult to the same extent that there was a huge breakdown of negotiations in silence among those involved.

Initially the entrepreneurs. The statements on Carlos Wagner and Juan Chediack, who were the leaders of the Building Room, markedly marked. The story was almost about tolerance that reported emergency payments for unlawful funding left behind campaigns. And a system of carteliness of work, electricity and brushes came out with information.

Later on, he was older officers; , who had spent some travel in some powers, such as López and Claudio Uberti. However, the disruption of personal responsibilities continues to grow, based on the progression of regional data. Former president secretariat, historical partners and members of de facto societies around Muñoz's widow appear to have opened up other obstacles, in addition to the future, ; appear to & # 39; legal leg.

The Pochetti statement describes its & # 39; Judge Rodriguez is a sign. And another is similar to Víctor Manzanares, who was an accountant of the Kirchner family, on the management of Oyarbide. Messages that are disturbing and frightening are among direct recipients and among the recipients that are experiencing appear. Here are what they say and what they mean as a new, perhaps deeper description, on a corruption cycle.

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