A great fight of Mica Viciconte by Laurita Fernández in "Bailando 2018" – 11/23/2018

In "2018 Dance"from"ShowMatch"(El Trece), the Bachata started, the first couple that went out on the way Jimena Baron and Mauro Caiazza.

Then, they lived in the middle of the scene Mica Viciconte and Nacho Saraceni. Then, the person who took part broke a terrible fight Laurita Fernández. It was so strong Marcelo Tinelli He asked to connect a couple coach and the coach leader's opinion.

In the last, Viciconte She said she works in Carmen Barbieri, Fede Bal and Santiago Bal, in Mar del Plata. "He's going to compete with Laurita (Fernández), who is going to do Sugar there, "he encouraged Marcelo Tinelli. Mica showed depression in the collaboration, but the driver went for more and asked if they could eat together Mica and her sweetheart Poroto Cubero le Laurita and her sweetheart Nico Cabré. As expected, Vicicone responded very well.

After a choreogram, it does not A couple got only 15 points from the jury and b & # 39; That's when a division debate was organized.

At the time he returned, Mica Viciconte She asked the jury to be aware that she is not a dancer and she is making every effort in the world to get involved. In that situation, again, he had a strong cross Laurita Fernández to ask his / her partner to stop "suffering".

The debate between Mica Viciconte and Laurita Fernández Continue to increase in tone as follows:

After the hard debate in which Laurita he said Viciconte not being able to self-criticize, a coach and a couple united with Mica and Nacho Saraceni asked for a translation of his ship, which emphasized the development Viciconte and chose to pick up a point. So they got 16 points in total.

Marcelo TinellI asked her coach to think if Mica Viciconte capable of self-criticism. "Yes, she's always looking at her because we're doing videos all the time and we'll review them to correct it," he replied. On the other hand, the coach leader said he was not "Mica dancer, but she has self-inspiration, the dancers have a lot of self-determination".

At that time, he translated Flor Peña: "Every artist must have self-criticism". Another coach leader Lolo Rossi, said: "In these conflicts, this year, in general, the partners do not accept the jury's objections and they did not have much respect."

There is a word, there's a word; come, Mica He went out and fought for a long time. They do not have peace!

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