A huge Christmas tree Jennifer Lopez who has been plundered in the networks

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December 8, 2018

The singer and actress had a & # 39; share Instagram images of her great Christmas tree with her family.

Jennifer Lopez one of the most beautiful women in the world that causes an awareness social networks with everything he does.

At this time, she did not attract attention to her huge Christmas tree, some of which were encouraged to catalog as "largest in the world"

Jennifer Lopez They decided to post pictures on his Instagram account and sent them; Decorate its amazing Christmas trees as a family.

In one of the images Diva's Bronx is with her partner, Alex Rodriguez. The two with comfortable sportswear. "That time of the year," he wrote JLo next to the picture.

Their children, Max and Emme came from the singer with her; couple, and Natasha and Ella, from the athlete, who liked her; children who help their parents to leaving the tree that keeps the gifts this year very well.

"These little people are the favorite times", admitting the famous one of his / her postcards where she is look happy with her children.

It should be noted that the artist does not appear to have a long time impact. Nearly 50 years old, the star of the world is still one of the most famous celebrities in the United States and in the planet planet. His career as a singer and actress has been very spectacular, and has won millions of fans in the world of entertaining and fashion.

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