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A policeman knocked down a motorcycle in Pilar that attacked the arms of a toy on

Coat of arms of Malvinas Argentinas Coats He killed a motorcycle that had been trying to attack the weapons of a toy, in Pilar.

The agent was involved in his private vehicle with a companion on the shoulder of a collector of the Pan-Americans Road, in Manuel Alberti, when two offenders were on board a bicycle motorcycle to steal .

Although both soldiers were very good, both of them still used their regulatory dress because they had been working all day long.

But far from frightened, the robbers found that they were in a position; invasion although he was One of the police identified himself as a member of the security force and asked him to return his opinion.

After the fight, one of the motorcyclists hit a football and died in the place. It was celebrated as Michel Mendoza, 24, old, and was a native of Pablo Nogués. The other one got to go on a bike and escape.

When they performed the tests in the place, at kilometer 39 of that access road, researchers found a black plastic pistol beside the deadly dead body, which was a replica of 9 millimeters.

Procurator Andrés Quintana, of UFI 2 of Pilar, was over the case, ordering the experts to make the Gendarmerie.

"There is no doubt that a replica will be represented once the event has occurred. If there is a crime or an embroidery with an arm symbol, he must know if he is looking for a police officer, the police do not know whether or not he is a replica and he must work, "explained the officer.

He said: "A voice must always be stopped and that is clearly explained in the rules. The loud voice is avoided when the police or a third party are at risk. It is a voice to stop the rule, it's not a stopping voice. "

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