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A preview of the weather on Saturday 29 December

December 28, 2018

The National Meteorology Service is looking forward to a tight eye and the likelihood of & # 39; waters and storms. At least 22 degrees have a temperature. Duration extended to Monday.

Solution in Buenos Aires City. Time in the Force Capital.

An National Metallurgical Service (SMN) expects on Saturday morning, for Capital and around, with strange eyes. In addition, waters and storms, with gentle winds from the eastern part, appear to move to the northern section.

In the evening, wings are calm and the appearance of rainfall and storms. To this there will be mixed winds from the eastern section, which will be surrounded by the northern section.

The lowest temperature is at 22 degrees and the highest, 30 degrees.

Time Day Night Weather Conditions Light Cloud Light Cloud Temperature (° C / ° F) 10 ° C 50 ° F (Likely High) High Between ° C ° F to ° C 50 ° F to 10 ° C 50 ° F Wind Speed, south by reducing to moderate criteria.

Near the evening there will be variable clouds, with gentle winds from the southern section, moving to the east section.

It will be 20% lower and the highest degree will be 28 degrees.

weather in Buenos Aires

Monday starts with an unusual cover of soft and mid-northerly winds.

In the evening, variable clouds and light winds are lightweight in the eastern region.

The lowest level is 18 degrees and is 31 highest degrees.

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