A removable celebration of the fallen opponent in the Falk Isles

The remains of the post mortem captain Luis Darío José Castagnari, dead dead Falklands WarYesterday, they arrived in the country and they became the second one to fall in the battle that stuck on her; mainland. They will be lodged in a graveyard Río Cuarto, Córdoba, where the army was.

So the captain asked his wife Maria Cristina Scavarda, before leaving for his war in which he lost his life. If he does not fall in a fight, he wants to be together Gustavo, one of the five children of her husband, who died just three years old cancer sufferers.

In this way, Castagnari, who died on the night of May 29, 1982, became the second one on falling and remains back to the continent after war Great Britain. The first one that came back thereafter Funerals in Darwin Cemetery of 1982 and 1983 was a pilot Fernando Juan Casador It was not recognized in 2008 after being 22 years in the islands without being recognized.

Photographic Tour from Falklands relatives in the Falklands

The remains of Castagnari came first at Comodoro Rivadavia and then they went on to Río Cuarto. Throughout the trip the soldier's family was with the coffin: Scavarda's widow and three other children; couple, Martín Adolfo, Walter Rodolfo and Guillermo Oscar, as long as the fourth daughter, Roxana Patricia, awaiting them in Rio Rath

The Jet Jet private tour started at 14.17 at Comodoro airport, from an air center Ben Pleasant on the islands, and got Secretary General of the Air Force Workers, the Brigadier Fabián Otero.

Cristina Scavarda was struggling for years to achieve the promise. Before leaving for the battle, ask her husband, then first a sub-headteacher, "If I do not come back, I want you to take my body and hold it by Gustavito". "I promise," she replied, because her death was not dead. Gustavito, who was the first child at his & her; couple, died on 7 January 1978.

The family trip went to the Malvinas and transferred the remaining funds funded by the Corporate Director of America, Eduardo Eurnekian, who became a "father" in the Darwin cemetery and the Family Commission.

Before Mount Pleasant was immersed, the captain's family got the Argentine flag into the coffin, which was honored by the British troops based on the islands, and who participated in service in the military base chapel.

Argentine Dewar in the Malvinas: This is the last hope of the soldiers named

They went with them Natalia Curcio, secretary of British ambassador in Buenos Aires, Mark Kent; and Pablo Nicoletti, buy a purchase of Argentina Aerofuertos 2000, Eurnekian.

Yesterday it was made in the & # 39; New Park Cladh of Río Cuarto reception reception and respect surrender to the skipper's remains. The Chief Executive of the Air Force General Workers, the Smoker, will participate in the & concert Enrique Amrein. Representing the national government of the Secretary of Human Rights, Claudio Avruj

After Argentine's honor and burning, Castagnari ashes will be placed in the parish St Río Cuarto's Heart, next to some of his son Gustavo.

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His wife struggles to take her body

Since the end of the war, Maria Cristina has been involved in several authorities to fulfill Luis's final desire. He travels years for the Air Force and Chancellor's offices with no good product. He sent a letter to the British ambassadors in Argentina who opened his / her; first door. The Ambassador Mark Kent received a few days after her and agreed to help her. Along with the political secretary, Richard Jones and the military connection, Robin Smith joined the government of the archipelago so that this demand would be deemed to be a real fact that should join.

"I feel very peaceful because it was a promise that was not achieved, it was a great deal and my times in the Malvinas, and # 39; ask me a pardon because I can not achieve it, "Scavarda told Clarin's newspaper a few weeks ago when a definitive date was set up for this unpublished motion in 36 years.

The tomb of Captain Cordovan was always celebrated in Darwin, as the English colonel made Geoffrey Cardoso designed and built an Argentine cemetery after the 1982 War, but the humanity plan was made possible this year to mark 105 troops on the way to prevent the Castagnari family to be removed. now.

The only plane that went to Malvinas also carried 13 new plaques with the names of the recently identified people in the framework of the " Humanity Project Project that allowed 105 probationary issues among the remains left by the word "Argentine Soldier who is justified by God".

These planes will be transported to the Darwin cemetery for a work placement, and the widow of Captain Castagnari was given to a widow.

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