A scandal was suspended in November and is likely to be stable in December

Economic economists and consultants agreed last month to " first time in several months due to the increase in prices, which proved that the increase in living costs in the last November was between 2.5 and 2.8 per cent.

This was assessed for "Rio Negro" with some consultees, which showed a consistent point that there was no increase in levels in November, beyond the elevation of the platform for the Force Capital, which adds to a lower price increase, as well as a realistic image that lives in the rural economy.

In the same way, the annual inflation will end between 45 and 47 percent, a very high number, although it must be clarified in a & # 39; In this case, with Indec's currentization, the numbers are correctly aligned to the everyday fact of citizens.

The official body will release the consumer price index for November the next Thursday.

At this particular point, the economist and consultant María Castiglioni had a The inflation expected to be 2.5% in November.

"It is clear that there was a huge decline and it had a clear impact that prescribed prices remained constant. Last year's last day, there was a drought of inflation in October, but then in the last two weeks, 39; he went to a good degree, "said the economist.

We need to think that inflation in September was not less than 6.5 per cent and 5.4 per cent of October, which has now stopped again in November.

"The rising prices that remain for December are very low. That's why we believe that the level of inflation would be similar to November in December, there is a seasonal impact at the end of the year, but we do not believe that this will affect the higher values, "said Castiglioni.

In this last point, the consultee stated that a year-to-year sale is a # 39; stresses the prices of some things, but it is successful that this force will be much more limited in this year 2018, with decline and fall. and even multiply the bids because traders are looking to recover land for their & # 39; date. "

"We believe how inflation is around 47% in the year. And in the beginning of 2019, we see that although we still do not know what the increase in rate, there will be a very similar situation to November and December, although year-on-year rates are still going to provide high numbers, "he said. economist

It is clear that the rate of interest was lower and with the Last Market Survey (REM) made by the Central Bank, which was expected to be lower at the inflation found for the last 12 months , the concrete objects for that purpose The entity decided to reduce the Leliq level of subtitles below 60 per cent, a figure that survives.

For the Orlando Ferreres consultation in November, there was also a sharp reduction in price increases, which caused them to count at the inflation of their & # 39; This month up 2.5% and its entire year to & # 39; ends at 46.5%.

"A lower level of increase in prices in different areas in the last few months, even in somewhat more complex foods," said Fausto Spotorno, a leading economist of Ferreres consultation.

With this introduction a little more limited, Spotorno stated that they expect a climate of inflation to happen in November, with some examples of specific sections by the end of the year, but without a general impact.

"December inflation is below 3%, I think the nearest thing is between 2.6 and 2.8 percent," said economist; Ferreres communications company.

Spotorno also suggested the Mid Bank's decision in the past weeks to reduce its level of interest and especially during Thursday and Friday, where Leliq fell below 60%.

"I think the Central Bank is aware that the inflation is growing, the salar is not at the moment at the moment and so it's a & Seeing the place to continue to reduce the level, but in a careful way, "said Spotorno.

In the same line, the economist and consultant Raul Ochoa thought November was a bit more progressive for inflation, and estimated that it finished between 2.5 and 2.8 per cent and that " gradually "a & # 39; Looking at lower levels of inflation "

"Maintaining the financial plan of the Central Bank and the pattern in reducing the fiscal deficit is undoubtedly contributing to lower inflation. We also need to think that we are in careful situation. The point that can worry what can happen to the exchange rate is 2019. The date of the election is that the center weird, "said the economist.

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