A scientific app allows you to search for anemia by Give a picture of your tools

Cell phones, which are increasingly essential in our lives, now have a & # 39; Find anemia with hemoglobin levels with a simple image of the nails. This is done and thank you for a new application, according to a study published by Nature.

The new machine, which is still tested and developed at the University of Emory in Atlanta (USA), instead of the traditional "blood tests" in a place, Currently investigating patients with anemia.

This type of evidence, which authors recall, are & # 39; require specialized, more exciting materials and their effects often depend on the available available economic resources, which pose problems in rural or rural areas, where there are more cases of this disease to more than 2 billion people around the world.

In order to overcome these obstacles, the leading expert who led the project, Wilbur Lam, and his algorithm colleagues created who created; Counting the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood by analyzing the color and technical data of the eunuchic beds captured in the pictures.

Users who are stressed are able to download their phones or any other device that prompts the algorithm. The sciences at the University of Emory tested on this machine for a hundred people and found that it considered hemoglobin proportions with a high degree of accuracy, similar to current ways of being able to; find anemia

In an additional test, which included four partners, the application also showed high levels of a series when it was used to find patients.

This machine, which they say, will help to & # 39; diagnose anemia in areas that do not have special equipment and trainees, and give people the right to; affect the control of their hemoglobin levels in remote devices in less than a minute.

For the time, they need to do more clinical trials to ensure that there are more populations, with a view to replacing traditional blood tests.

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