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A serious positive sound was found to come from Mayotte

The first episode of the event that brought near an island between Madagascar and Africa began to raise a session. Then, a bell began to scare her away as far as Chile, New Zealand and Canada.

Hawaii built, almost just on the other side of the planet, the & # 39; event &

No one knows what he was.

Meteorite Submarine volcano Nuclear test?

"I do not think I've seen anything like this,"National Geographic says that the scientist Göran Ekström in Colombia says. "That does not mean that, in the end, that is a similar purpose."

At the center of the mystery is the small island of Mayotte, situated about halfway between Africa and Madigascar. Spreads of earthquake were made by May. Most of it has been small, but it's a bit. It is the largest – on May 8 – the largest in the archived history of the island, increasing its size 5.8.

But the earthquake had been in decline before the secret loss was detected earlier on; this month.

Ekström, which specializes in unusual earthquakes, and featured a lot about the November 11 event. It was like planning like a bell, a monotone maintenance with a low frequency of duration & # 39; as it was distributed.

Typically an earthquake is recorded as hackers. As the pressure of Earth rubbish is suddenly uncovered, seismic wave bundles clearly identify the location where the slip is offset; happening.

The first indication is a fundamental wave: a normal constraint wave to which the # moving in ghosts.

Then a high school wave is coming: these ordinary waves are likely to be in a position; become safer.

Only then comes the surface waves: the slow, deep, loose ribbons tend to be; stretching, and they can spread on Earth several times.

The November 11 event is special when there were no primary or secondary waves.

Everything recorded the deep, deep surface wave. And it was not & # 39; breaking off because the wave of earthquake surface is likely. Instead, it kept a lot clearer – almost music – often.

National Geographic reports suggest that the Geological Survey of France is expected to have a new volcano; grow off the Mayotte coast. Although the island was created by volcanic activity, it has been stable for over 4000 years.

The French believe that it is a magma movement that is approximately 50km offshore and under deep water. This is supported by a & # 39; Finding GPS feelings Mayotte has moved around 5cm to the south east in less than five months.

But it's a mapped section. Not just what is beneath the ocean alone can be considered.

Ekström believes that magma may be caused by an unusual mark of gutting inside a room, or being blamed through a gap in the subway rocks.

But he is not sure.

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