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Adriana Varela: "Coming Darthés partner, but badly ended" – 12/16/2018

Singer Adriana Varela said she was a couple of singers and actor Juan Darthés, who said that the relationship "did not finish well", but he did not want to answer whether that was including physical violence.

Darthés was complained that they were crashing Thelma Fardin in Nicaragua at the end of the Ugly Duckling series round, 16 year old actress. "I do not know it for a while", kept Varela" La Gata ".

The next thing, he had his conversation with Luis Novaresio and his guests in "Debo Verir" (América TV):

– Have you ever played with Darthés?

-Sa, I sing with him.

– You were not your sweetheart?

-Sa, I was a companion. I met him twenty years ago. But hey, it ended up badly. And I never saw it.

– There was violence?

It's not even a story for me too. There is a link where issues are 50% and 50%. So I will not throw it away now. It is another case (in the case of a Complaint of Inventory). Now when I see it I do not see the same person. It's been long It does not mean it does not remember it. Remember everything that happened. But I was very young. I have not recognized it for a while now. Not the only person I knew. Not physically Although there are there is a distinctive pattern.

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