Aerolíneas Argentinas: uncertain war before stopping on Monday 11/23/2018

The war of illness is part of a program in the debate between the driving of Aerolineas Argentinas and the airfields. The only guilds who want to strike for this Monday now They want someone to be beaten on the brakes: o Airlines, or at least someone from the government. Through a company where they want the Government to say the compulsory settlement. "The Company does not demand mandatory settlement or Ministry of Representation and Labor," said the unions, in secret.

The airline response delayed a couple of hours: at noon, instead of trying to settle, publish its & # 39; The company stopped all times on this Monday. And he persuaded the guilds: "They did not explain how long the strike will be."

The Airline Pilots Association (APLA) recognizes that the president of the airplane, Luis Malvido, He tried to try to hit to stop stopping and showing the situation to a public opinion. "They put us on to stop this, no doubt. If they do not want to hit them, they would not send us hanging telegrams, or they would not be charged to the increase they paid Paid, in the middle of a joint debate, "they are arguing.

But inside air they will ensure that there is no double resolution in the decision without compromise. "We are in a real fallout situation: the weight has been reduced, its fuel was increased, the price of prices was reduced due to its price and demand 100 million dollars as well as from a government that left a zero deficit. It seems that the guilds do not have to understand what's happening, "say speakers for a & # 39; company.

In this game of blood in both sides, the knit is also suspected of cooking in the other trench. "If Adults are responsible for that theory "Worst Worst"No one can complain that they want to increase the conflict, as a forecasts of the election campaign. But be aware, not Pablo Biró (Roberto) Baradel. It will not be so easy to connect to Kirchnerism, "APLA's speakers added.

Sadly, of the five groups of people who want strike for this Monday, the only person identified by Kirchnerism is the Air Force Personnel Association (APA), which is a group of staff. The owner, Edgardo Llano, includes CTA Hugo Yasky and his & # 39; plays politically to Cristina Kirchner. Another member of his partners, Ricardo Cirielli, was an officer of Néstor Kirchner, but later told his two chiefs, Ricardo Jaime and La Cámpora's policy in Aerolíneas. He had his last public alliance with the Blue and White CGT of Luis Barrionuevo, but Cirielli also has a personal route to Hugo Moyano, as he was one of the first drivers to support the truck driver when he broke the CGT official (first time). of the 90s.

Pablo Biró, from APLA, joined Moyano at the Luján Mass in October. Rubén Fernández (UPSA) also supports Moyano, as well as the one of the six non-strike groups on Monday: the Argentine Air Association (AAA), with an owner, Juan Pablo Brey, working with Facundo Moyano and connecting a "small board" Argentine Congress of Congress (CATT), ask for his strike for this Tuesday: in this case, in a complaint at the G20 meeting.

It is the fact that passengers do not show that they are very enthusiastic about their opinion; Strive, again, with the guilds. They say that they are forced to be tough, because they run out of money. "Malvido did not appear to negotiate a dog's face, just to include just revaluation. Any president of travelers would like Isla Costantini, who was the president when there was money to make more. Now these assets are over. "

But they also slide, with some image. "& It may be in the unions that ask the compulsory settlement, to look more closely within the organization, in this activity it is It is very easy to stop the company, but it's something that has a great deal of adhesion. "

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