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After a green light to his union with Boeing, the Embraer sections sink

Embraer's normal titles started on the day to grow more than 7.7%However, during the evening they disappeared.

"The company's valuation was based on the agreement of President Jair Bolsonaro, his support is one of the last major steps, however, it is still a complicated process, not the agreed procedure already ", is explained to the AFP Glauco Legat, analyst of Necton.

It's the first hope to do; It is possible, as it is, to understand that the business is slow and that we have steps ahead.

Legat can be discharged from & # 39; the effect of his & her; S & P rating group, currently embraced Embraer (currently on BBB) in negative view of the union's output.

Embraer, the manufacturer of third-world airfields, was privatized in 1994, but the Brazilian government "golden division" continued to control the strategic issues.

Bolsonaro was on the right, which was resigned on January 1, fearing the last week that the contract, worth 5,260 million worth, would be the potential for Brazil's technology. These statements caused more than 5% of the group's shares to fall.

But On Thursday, following a meeting with its prime ministers and representatives of the three weapons, he decided to decide.

"The president has been advised that the different circumstances have been carefully evaluated and that the final proposal is to preserve national sovereignty and interests, and in this context, Enforcement power (gold division) for the business. " government statement marked.

"It has become clear that the sovereignty and interests of the country are preserved, and the union does not object to the continuity of its process," Bolsonaro later wrote on Twitter.

Although the agreement was arranged under the administration of Michel Temer, this is the first application of a neoliberal record to; Minister of Economics Paulo Guedes, based on privatization, opening up to foreign capital and change measures to clear and deliver the accounts to become weak in the country.

Embraer and Boeing on Thursday said in their statement that their relationship "will be the situation of both companies to speed up growth in global energy markets" and said they hope to ; the union process to be completed this year.

The board of Directors of Embraer must confirm the agreement, which will then be submitted to the agreement of its shareholders and the governing authorities in Brazil and the United States.

The agreement expects Boeing to; take control of Embraer's civil actions for 4.2 billion dollars, which allow them to control 80% of the capital of the new body. The remaining 20% ​​remain in the hands of a Brazilian company.

This will allow the US company to offer planes with up to 150 seats, a non-competitive market.

Embraer's armed airfield and an active air business were discharged from the agreement.

The two companies also create another group to market the Marketing Embraer KC-390, where the Brazilian company and Boeing have a 51% capital of 49%.

With a change of around 6,000 million dollars and 16,000 workers, Embraer is one of the business jewelery in Brazil, with a range of civil, military and business jets.

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