After their inclusive language, the animals: ask to change dramatic changes – 06/12/2018

Recently, they have appeared to apply against & # 39; using meat, using natural knives and any type of physical adverse effects on animals. Now, and probably depending on the wave of an inclusive language, the thing was really ill: the enterprise posters of environmental associations such as People for Behavioral Medicine (PETA) were aware of the use of their & # 39 ; language, under the motor name of "Stop using anti-animal language"

They will query sentences that are </ span>; enjoying fast as "killing two birds with one stone"No"take the bull to the bull"- According to that group scattered on social networks – without counting other non-Spanish words to live, but in English in any way "Leughaich" or specific animal species. For example, the phrase "bring home the bacon"(" Gus am bacon a thabhairt dhachaigh "), comparatively, in the plane of the general view, to its" classics "stop; pot ".

However, Castilian's other usual phrases may, with a transitive character, also be magnified by the glass, because they describe animals, with negative symptoms. For example, "every pig gets to San Martin"No"the dog died, the rage is over"

The interesting thing, in his campaign, is PETA a & # 39; praised Other phrases that can sustain the meaning of a & # 39; The first foundation, but with a statement, in the eyes of that NGO, is more appropriate.

For "killing two birds with one stone"Suggest"the food of two birds with a tale"…

… and for the classic "tomar the bull with the horns"Tender"take the flower with its bone"

For Santiago Kalinowski, director of the Department of Linguistic and Philological Research on the Academia Argentina de Letras, "when a group, no matter how small it is, says it is likely to be criminal; Noting some of the people, we need to make that statement very much"

Something is complicated, but very common in the use of language. "That's happening the animals of the proverbs are written verbally, which means that their meaning is designed. That's why the person who names these phrases does not think of a bird or bull, "Kalinowski explained, saying:" The problem is that the term is present However, even if the meaning is crystallized, the animal does not disappear. "

Why are you dealing with these concerns, which many of them want to be formal? According to the expert, "we have already been seeing many times … for example, with similar phrases & # 39;I worked as a black& # 39;, a phrase that has not been heard more, but that has been widely used and At first, only a few spoke against being used"

"Usage & # 39;black & # 39;, in that case, he was recited, but at a certain time he realized he was invasion, because he gave his opinion that some people can only do hard work, hard to exercise, outside intellectual work, Other ethnic groups may, "said Kalinowski.

In that line, a post on Twitter, PETA said "important words and, as our understanding of social justice is coming forward, our language will improve with it." And in that understanding, the claim against "sexuality" – the mythology that animal species is lower than humans – is clear.

As Kalinowski finished, "language change does not change the truth, that is, by using the sexual verbs automatically, there will be no genre. However, even though creating truth is & # 39; language, to influence truth, we will negotiate debates, that is, we will use their language. And we have the right to want to organize talks that will affect others finally and truly. Do not drop it on. "

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