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Alarming AIDS growing in San Juan

At a time remembering World AIDS Day on Saturday, December 1, the Public Health Ministry provided statistical information on the progress of illness in San Juan and the actions that are being implemented to do & # 39 ; avoid as large as possible.

The Public Health Minister explained, Dr. Alejandra Venerando, says "102 new cases in San Juan last year" and he described the healthcare support "not only for inspiration and prevention, but also , in giving clear patient treatment answers "he explained.

Venerando, despite all the work done by the State, has been the advances of San Juan's illness, "so we need to be aware of being the top actors in the world, fight against AIDS and cooperate with people who do not have the necessary information In the Ministry of Justice we have the opportunities to prove, in all health centers, the tests will be carried out, and also in the -What we are participating, "explained the officer.

The minister found that condoms would be used as a basic way to do so; avoidance of attack. "The measure is appropriate and stop," he said.

On this part, head of Local AIDS Program, Victoria Sain, stated that "there were 1377 cases since its first one was found in San Juan in 1988. In the last 6 years we had an average of 95 new cases, but this year we were surprised when it was found in November 2018 with 103 new things "he said. On the reasons that could create more issues, Sain said that it is a matter of debate. Despite her & # 39; Most of the help from the Government and how easy it is and how to experience the disease, there may also be a lack of awareness of the disease; using sexuality in sexual relations with new partners. This year, UNAIDS is a slogan of State Information & and aims to encourage people's interest in understanding their disease or not, "he said.

Regarding the age range in which the disease occurs in the majority, he noted that "32 years talk to men and 33 for women. At national level, AIDS proportion of two men for a woman and at a local level there are three women for each one, "said Sain.
They do great tests

On Thursday 29 November and Friday 30th, examinations will be carried out on the basement of the Civil Center, from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

On Monday, December 3 and Tuesday, the tests will be made in all health centers in continent.

In each case, the test is free, confidential and free.

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