Alien flag: Blackout for use in video games

Alien This is one of the most important entertaining rights that are just in the cinema world. The science fiction series has been suited, sometimes with good success, to a variety of video games. For this reason, from that Alien: Isolation, players to see Xenomorph's new title.

Since the beginning of this year we knew there was a new game Alien It has been developed. With the news, FoxNext Games also announced that Cold Iron's innovations were built.

Recently a new path that could be associated with this project has emerged, because, 20th Century Fox is registered on its brand Alien: Blackout The World Intellectual Property Management (WIPO).

This brought the players directly, because the recording was made for use in video games and online services. As a result, it is estimated that a & # 39; a new game of the license is closer than we think.

It must be remembered that there are several members of Creative Synod, who are responsible for them Alien: Isolation, They were convinced in April 2017 that the sequel to the prestigious title was not improved. So the record can refer to a project with Cold Iron Studios.

In fact, the news of a new title would be good news for fans. Especially after his disappointment Alien: Marines Colonel, which was unfortunate for one line of code.

At the moment, there is no information Alien: Blackout. However, different sources are estimated that may be published in a few weeks. Especially in the 2018 The Game Awards framework, an event held on 6 December. Although we are more familiar with, visit this link to contact other news Alien.


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