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Ape Out analysis, "monkey" airplanes for Nintendo Switch and PC

Since it was published in Nindies Direct, Outdoors He welcomed us. He was so skilled, his sound music in the purple jazz style, his unusual graphics … he was all found. And, to be more precise, a seal Return back Digital, the editor. Now we have been played through and over for us analysis, we can say clearly: he has not deceived us.

Ape Out continues in many ways of the Miami Hot: working with a high vision, a number of the military enemy who want to pull down … but Ape Out is not happy to to & # 39; follow the path of others, and build his own with his own ideas. The training work, inspired by Saul Bass, works the Powerhouse Animation (from the Netflix Castlevania series) and now makes it clear that we wait …

In fact, in Outdoors We're smiling. The game offers four levels, or all of the digits, with the sides of A and B, with cuts or substandards (an average of 4 sides). And in each of them, the goal is always the same: escape. Run away from our banners, whether we have moved the vessel that we moved after our acceptance, in the like of a laboratory, from the tops of the tower … is the t- love to to escape.

Unlike the Miami main line, we have the simian situation that we have; prevent us from using weapons … so we have only two basic things: hit and grab. We are converted from Nintendo Switch, and in each case, these actions are based on the L and R buttons (although they can also be done with the correct face icon of Joycon).

If we hit a enemy, and there is a nearby wall or barrier, we will grab it. If we catch it, we can use it as a human shield or we can take advantage of the weapons it takes to kill other enemies (and then throw it to break it). We can even get hold of the pieces of gutted enemies (face, torsos …) to fight against the enemies.

That is a funny thing, every time we die in Ape Out (and you'll die significantly, we believe, especially in principle), we will ; start again at a polite (or random) level, which will make every new effort completely different from the last one.

The sound that accompanies this festival is from the # 39; Assault is also a procedure, and is made on the plane. It is a simple sound record, based on drummers only: if we emphasize competitiveness, pitch sounds; If we hit it, the battery … If there's a lot of activity? Sound Redoubles; If the thing is wrong, the battery will reduce the rhythm and measure …

The only thing that is located in this world is randomly affecting the levels (type of archive, jungle, building …) and the enemies that what's as well as the basic rhythm of each stage, since Music also changes from one level to gold. As we said, there are four levels in total, which are even in a showcase format; follow the role of a game … and its & # 39; They continue to play a music roll, they are a …

Said that Outdoors It may be very simple: run away, murder … and that's it. But not all levels also include their own mechanics, linked to enemies and sound. If we hear something like a rope down, we need to be careful: there is a kind of enemy with Uzi nearby. If we have a red target, we have a sniper machine and we need to remove it from the windows.

There are many different variations: a short case in the light by generating a generator (we will move in the dark between enemies with flashlights), bumps that come from the air and we need to avoid, rocket enemies who will eliminate the weight …

Once we are & # 39; Finishing each script, we will solve the source method and the most difficult way for those who want the challenges. The first one is, if there are doubts, a & # 39; Terminate for each subordinate and we need to fill it in and try to also bring the highest score (all misses give us a row of points). The most difficult method does not have to say much.

Almost everything in Ape Out is amazing: its image, in combination with animations, lower graphics and sound sound that can not be heard, makes it maritime, difficult to leave. To the screen that summarizes our progress Outdoors It is special.

The problem? Well, indeed, it will last a sigh. You can complete the 4 discs with the two faces to make up to 2 hours, twice a half if you have a small folder. Although that is, in fact, the two methods we have just said (Arcade and harder).

Is that reasonably bad? No. Only those new, attractive and unique feelings of the first bars are to last. The mechanics are original, and there is little change in the two times that it lasts, beyond the enemies or special situations such as hides.

It can be criticized, at times, that the problem appears as a result; the gorilla life system is not very clear either (sometimes it will include three scenes of a gungun, sometimes not, sometimes we will leave a bloody way and we will & # 39; opposing more …).

However, as soon as you want the games with a personality, which has a special emphasis on its & # 39; a visual part, and in particular, in particular, and who also strives to play Miami's "Hotline" style, but with his own case and personality, "you have many ballots Outdoors I'm affecting you

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