Approval of clock prices: what information the Government will be negotiating with food producers t

a & # 39; The Ministry of Representation discusses the clock with a few of them large chaos To arrive at a time so that there is a list covering all 30 or 40 products which will be based on a six-month price, that is to November.

There were several meetings in the last few days (Today's day continues through the Julio Roca Avenida offices) and the talks will be running until the beginning of the next weekwhen the government needs to close the list and tell supermarkets and then have the chance to reach it. describe Wednesday, as the leader of the Cabinet said yesterday, Marcos Peña.

“Frozen prices” don't speak" Special prices, favorable prices, protected prices. The name remains to be seen. According to the Minister for Production, Dante Sicaand the Trade Secretary, t Ignacio Werner, for business people, your aim is to find you commitment to offer some of the basic basket where the prices are fixed until November. There is no company monitoring this application; they will be together. What is it? try to increase prices by freezing it for six months, because there was no incentive stimulation as had been expected.

The companies applying to Aceitera General Deheza (AGD), which they negotiate, are that the full line of Every Day (second mark) will enter the directory. T ; Ledesma, admitted by the Domino sugar brand; Río Río de la Plata, which assumed the "freezing" of the two versions of the epic novels of Reggio, the music of Susarelli and Cambrian yerba; and Pepsico, which negotiates the content of cookies and polenta

Also, Arcor will be present with some biscuits and treasure, and a jam, Mastellone, with beer milk. The box also includes a meal, which Morixe would have (already part of "Casual Prices" with that patient), some decorations and personal care, and drink. They will be between 30 and 40 objects of 12 categories, certified by several private sources.

"Nothing is ever closed", she says in the chorus of the companies and, even in the Government. Sica and Werner called them, calling for cooperation it continues to circulate the compromise. Many products have been specified, but the price is not closed. Will they increase by freezing? This is what all the companies want, from setting a value for six months and, above all, ensuring that procurement means a highly risky shift with current inflation rates.

When they called them, the minister's suggestion is this stage, to be prepared within an extension of the "Care Prices" plan, t donated from what society wants and what the opponents are asking to go out and control the gondolas. "In the middle of these applications, t with this we feel comfortable, "said Sica for some entrepreneurs.

New fixed prices of this undercut looked after prices it just starts to move immediately after that that President Mauricio Macri will do the same ad Wednesday, they said in the industry. But beyond that, in that that they will update the program, which introduced new products, which is also negotiated with the private sector.

a & # 39; Representative officers also meet with supermarkets, for the people also. t asking for your commitment with the plan andand in particular the need to have more visible products.

According to sources in the department, there was no demand to attend more at the gondola, but it was promised that the results, and well done t, with its appropriate mark and price. From there supermarket, currently, they said to Sica and Werner The provision of agreed outcomes is essential.

The directory specified by Macri will also include other measures to encourage, include, practice Contributing to credits for retired people who have gained of Common Child Zone (AUH), in addition to major superstitions and corralones.

It also emerged that new features could include new features. After the meeting yesterday morning between Macri, Energy Secretary, Gustavo Lopetegui and other officials, he said that extending the winter price of January to 22 would be 22%, up to 30 or 35%, although sources in the area said that nothing has yet been confirmed. .

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