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Argentina looks to & # 39; giving up the fight against Sweden

This evening from 16.30 am Argentina election of a handball There is another hard trial at the beginning here World Handball and there is a debate in Germany and Denmark. The Gladiators is measured by Sweden for the second date of the Group D that the national team share with Angola, Egypt, Qatar and Hungra, with whom they were; Play at the international event of this national team.

An Argentina election try the first play made by her & # 39; The first time before the Hungarians were again. Is that Los Gladiators They were equal 25-25 against the Eastern European team, one of the strongest in the area where the team is selected; competition. Even, they could have won the European team, but the loss of one of the final balls was the chance to lead the team with Spanish Manuel Crdenas.

In the papers, today's game is more similar than the front of the game hackers. That is Sweden The big candidate is to stay with her; group D. The Nordic election is, of course, the Election with more prestigious performers in the center, why is it difficult for Argentine equipment to succeed in the Royal Copenague Arena, who is the chairman of this fascinating duelg.

In addition to its great power, Sweden He had no good start. The European team was hitting Egyptian 27-24 in a duel who even stayed up to her. The last part, where the Swedes made a difference. This gives hope to the Crdenas team, even though it is, a & # 39; trying to pull it out as they did with Hungra.

As the whole event, the party will Election can be seen through the screen TV Public Sport and DirecTV. It should be noted that the first three selected from each zone are categorized in the next round. It is thought that Sweden and Hungra will be left with two of the tickets for the next round, so Argentina's team will be able to leave it. fought for third place with Egypt, Angola and Qatar, their next partners.

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