Banks will turn alarms for their & # 39; the impact they will make on the finance that pays on the total income

Much is spoken in Argentina today Large gap opened between rate of interest rates The financial system average is paid to the savings, about 47% per annum to 30 days, and the cost of a bank credit of more than 60% for a & # 39; when he bought a car, and up to 77% per annum in his & her; financing with a credit card.

However, There is little knowledge of tax weight in detail, not just national ones, such as Benefits, which includes the economy as a whole, but regional and urban taxes, both at stated levels of interest and on the costs of finance centers.

One line he gave Claudio Cesario, president of the Banks Association in Argentina (ABA), in an annual homage competition for the special media, including Group:, to identify it, before this consultation means: "its Fee payment to the Full Income is represented for the average of ABA related groups of the total salary in salary, and is equal to the annual rate of compensation to be paid to Money, when Historically, it was less than half, 22% of wages"

Although a foreign capital banking representative in Argentina has been identified as a result of urban taxes, he represents "in some departments the responsibility for the light, waste and cleaning branches of the obligation must be paid For a business stream and not thus answering the face to the square meters of the site ".

"The aim is to raise awareness among people and the people's idea to work with the regional authorities. Today the services Treasurer to pay Subscription almost as a gambling. Then we will try to do with taxes and urban costs. In some cases they will charge a pre-paid charge for services that do not; giving a loan, "said Cesario.

Having stressed the importance of the # 39; It is trying to restore macroeconomic sustainability, through a nil fiscal deficit and a non-financial case, and will generate the conditions for developing a capital market that will allow it to continue. reducing independence on foreign funding, president of the Banks Association of Argentina said, "the competitive debate can not be overcome without affecting the tax weight. It causes many areas to lose opportunities, and # 39; stay out of the market and create any formal jobs. A 38% tax limit will move away or off; prevent any investment opportunity. What level of return are needed to support it and how important are their motivation to handle informality?

So, Cesario concluded: "not only does the national government's obligation of the fiscal change or the problem of zero today, the areas that most of them need -days should be lower than regional taxation, they must reduce the commitment that is agreed in the Agreement and the Consumer Agreement by reducing some taxes or -that like total income ".

Despite this, the banker said "credit cost is still high and thus damages to their final shares".

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