BEAN | The "Bombonerazo" started: the fans went to La Boca's court and streets

Fever for the Super Copa Libertadores Cup does not understand boundaries. In two days, the River and Boca will be included in the & # 39; Monumental to explain the best of the mainland in a previous duel. What happened in the first step, only local fans can only attend the # 39; game. In this way, the Xeneize players will go to the field to face 65 souls of a million people.

To challenge this, from Boca They organized "Bombonerazo", so that the fans can receive training open to the team in the preview of the Super Final of the Copa Libertadores.

Unlike what happens in Games and Competition and its # 39; Coup, access was not limited to members and fees were from 5 in the morning. Michael returned, the club reported through its social networks that other fans did not go because the capacity of the stadium has fallen.

For this reason, there were difficulties, were seen and displayed; Overwhelmed this evening at 6 doors into the stadium and the "Xeneize" command had to close the court to the court.

Without active politicians and only by "group" directors, set out by multi-color leaders, their main conflicts were seen in gate 6, leading to the final banner of the stadium.

"La Bombonera" was completed almost two hours after opening the doors to see the players in the re-performance of the Superfinal against River, Saturday at the "Monumental" stadium.

On the other hand, the fans organize a banner for a day; game: Saturday they will go to the hotel where the school will stay quiet until the bus goes to the Monastery.

The next morning between River and Boca is Saturday at 17. The 2-2 series. The winner will build his / her; Sucks. If there is a connection (the "visit destination" law) does not last longer and if there is equality, they will out penalties.

Series in the bombarder. (pictures of every piece)
Series in the bombarder. (pictures of every piece)
Series in the bombarder. (pictures of every piece)
Series in the bombarder. (pictures of every piece)

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