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Before the warning, what is the aviation?

Hantavirus is a severe viral disease, caused by a Hano virus

In the last weeks, issues of aviation were recorded in the small town of Epuyen in the Chubut division. The most recent figures increase the number of deaths to ten people with 28 people who had a disease, although they were still learning an issue in 60 suspected cases. The death of two girls in Entre Ríos is also being examined.

According to the warnings created by the disease, in this note there is an explanation what symptoms, what the symptoms, as transmitted by the aviation, are handled and banned.

On the official website, the Secretary of State Health explained that the aviation is a severe viral disease, caused by Hanta virus. The wild mice (most of the long tail) is drawn to the people, and eliminate the virus in virus, the birds and the stream.

One of the transmitted formats is a redirect. This is the most common reason and occurs when the breath is in open or closed places such as sheds, orchards or grazings where a bird or stream of creatures has a disease disease ; pollution of the environment. It is another way in direct communication, that is, by going to # 39; affecting living or dead rocks, or the features or streams of these bones. The harassment can also occur when it is broken by creatures with a disease or can be broadcast between people through close contact with someone who is injured in the first day of signals, through the airway.

What are the signs?

Aerosavirus marks They are similar to a state of flu vaccine: fever, muscle growth, knees, headaches, rubbish, appraisal, fat pain and their fatigue; diarrhea.

After a few days there may be anguish abnormal that may be made worse by a & # 39; do what the name "hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome", which will affect death if the person is in hospital at a time.

There is no special cure for the disease. Those with cardiopulmonary cancer due to hantavirus should be assisted in hospital centers.

Missions, endemic area

In Argentina, four distinct divisions were identified: North (Salta, Jujuy), Centro (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos), North East (Misiones) and Sur (Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut).. In order to prevent this disease, it is important that criminals are routed and communicated with their victims; that the creatures come or do not; nesting in the houses; Covering a hole in doors, walls and pipes, clean with part of a tree of nine oven trees, float the ground before you're dumped to avoid dust. Blast at least 30 minutes before entering closures (houses, sheds).

If living creatures are found: use a venom for creatures or gutters to catch (try to tie or hit). If there is a dead man: spread it with bleach together with everything that can be in communication and wait at least 30 minutes.

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